the magic of ginger

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Raw Ginger

ginger is truly a magical spice. we love the raw root, the ground dried ginger and the essential oil. but how do you know what kind of ginger preparation to use? and what do we use ginger for?

ginger is in the same family as turmeric which is currently researched for it’s healing properties. specifically the curcumin compounds. but the humble ginger has also been used for centuries in both chinese and ayurvedic medicine.

this spice is a wonder for the digestive system. pregnant women experiencing nausea uses the raw root in teas or cooking. even ginger biscuits or ginger candy is a favourite for morning sickness.

the same goes for anyone suffering from motion or travel sickness. take your ginger biscuits with you on your travels. sniff the essential oil or massage an aromatherapy blend oil containing ginger such as yogandha muscle soothe on your belly before travel. if you are travelling long-distance you might even want to pop some ginger capsules in your hand luggage to take on the journey, some ground ginger to add to your meal or stay hydrated with ginger tea.

adding ground or raw ginger to your meals is highly recommended in ayurveda. it has a wonderful flavour, it is warming, helps the circulation without being too heating and it increases the digestive fire. in fact, it facilitates the absorption of nutrients in your meal. malabsorption is a big issue. we may, on paper, get all the right nutrients but we don’t necessarily absorb them. adding ginger could potentially enhance the absorption of some of these nutrients.

it isn’t just the digestive system that benefits from the goodness of ginger. it is also excellent for the respiratory system. ginger being warm, soothing and anti-inflammatory can work wonders on the lungs and throat. especially when it comes to excess mucous. we recommend massaging yogandha muscle soothe on the chest and back at the first sign of any respiratory complaints.

yogandha muscle soothe is a wonderful herby massage oil containing ginger as well as soothing marjoram. it’s the perfect family essential as it has multilayered benefits - for the whole family.

you wouldn’t massage the pure essential oil onto the skin but a blend in a base oil is perfect. as ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, is warming and soothing it also works wonders on aches and pains. whether from exercise, a wrong movement, joint pain or period pain ginger will work its magic.


what is the best way to get the most from ginger?

one way is not necessarily better than the other. Some compounds may be reduced once it is processed from its raw state whilst others are enhanced. The essential oil is extremely potent though and we love using it in an aromatic massage oil like yogandha muscle soothe.

you can cook with ginger, bake, enjoy it as a tea and use it topically on the skin.

the raw ginger root is wonderful in cooking and your stir fry. the ground ginger is brilliant for cooking and baking too but knowing the benefits why not add a bit to your porridge or your sprinkle it on your smoothie?

fresh ginger tea is excellent for your digestion. steep it with boiled water for as long as you like. You can add other spices or a bit of honey to sweeten it.

topically the essential oil is the most potent way to reap the magic of ginger. using yogandha muscle soothe keep a bottle for the whole family. we have used it for growing pains on the children, tummy aches, respiratory complaints and for period pain. massage it in where needed or as a full body massage oil. you can also squirt it into the bath or use it to warm up in the shower.

there is so much goodness in the humble ginger and we trust you too will feel it’s magic.