(Self)-Gift Guide

Posted by Sinead Duffy on

White Daffodils

I do recommend getting in early with some self-gifting to prep body and mind for the busy season ahead!

As an early heads up here's a quick guide for buying for you/others who may be...struggling with sleep

A big issue and our oils CAN improve sleep quality (have got so many emails from customers supporting this!). You can use it as a standalone - but for me, the real magic happens when you combine with other sleep-inducing rituals. A bath, a stretch, a self-massage.

Best Single Oil: Relax

Best Gift Set: Feel Relaxed

...tired all the time

Connected with the above - but if sleeping fine and still tired - these can help keep you going through the day - in a sustainable way (no crash!)

Best Single Oil: Salute

Best Gift Set: Feel Restored


...have niggly aches or digestive issues

This is a easy - ginger will help to sort both

Ideally applied in gentle self-massage - nothing fancy, just rub on yourself and enjoy it!

Best Single Oil: Muscle Soothe

Best Gift Set: Full set of body oils


....are expecting

I don't actually recommend using our oils in pregnancy until about week 36. Then use a LOT. Skin needs it, Nervous system needs it, Mind needs it.

Best Single Oil: Balance

Best Gift Set: For Her

the reason we don't use in pregnancy is because it's so hormonally balancing - we don't want to influence hormones in pregnancy. We let them do what they do. But this balancing makes this the best gift set for peri-menopausal women as well as teens


...Have anxiety

If this is a real issue, always consult a doctor! I'm happy to say that ALL of our oils generally have a calming effect on the mind and body!

Best Single Oil: Relax or Ground 

Best Gift Set: Feel Relaxed or our full set