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all body/bath oils

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Product Description


If you need to detox, relax and ease your body - then these 3 body oils will allow you to feel the full range of benefits of our vibrant herbal elixirs. it's great to have all 3 side-by-side in the shower and in the morning ask your body what it needs today. 

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how to use

apply yogandha muscle soothe all over before and after exercise of any kind. use directly for any kind of pain and discomfort. great essential oil for back pain, PMT and cramps. suitable for massaging kids – works to for clear chests, tummy ache, after football, and great for bonding too. can use it in the shower in the morning to warm you from the inside-out.
mantra: anamaya dhehi (may my body be nourished)

apply yogandha detox all over every morning, including whilst in the shower – the oil will trap the water and pull into the skin to deeply hydrate.
if you are partying – apply before going out to give the liver and kidneys a boost. then the next morning use in bath/shower and apply all over when you get out too. a great environmental detoxifier – so do use every day.
mantra: om vajrasattva hum (mantra of purification)

apply yogandha relax all over for an immediate and deep relaxation. high frankincense content provides incredible skin-rejuvenating properties making this an anti-aging face oil. suitable for massaging kids – will help them to sleep and great for bonding too. turns a bath into a deeply hypnotic sleep-inducing ritual.
mantra: pratistham dhehi (may I rest in that nourishment)

cautions: external use only. not suitable for pregnancy. sweet fennel is contraindicated for people with epilepsy and for liver disorders. juniper berry should be avoided for kidney disorders, this is because these herbs get those organs to work harder & it can help to balance them – but if you already have a disorder of these processing organs, I would only recommend using under supervision.

use within 6 months of opening. 125ml each.

what's inside
  • muscle soothe body oil - warm and foresty tones of ginger and marjoram essential oils have a remarkably soothing effect on overworked muscles while maintaining tone
  • detox body oil - refreshing lemongrass and cleansing juniper berry essential oils will purify and detox the body and boost lymphatic drainage. these restorative qualities are invaluable after any form of excess
  • relax body oil- deep and rich lavender and vetiver essential oils transport to a place of deep relaxation and calm. will help restful and deep sleep.
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108-day returns: if for any reason this product is not as you expected, please let us know. we want everything about your yogandha experience to be relaxing and rewarding, that's why we offer all customers our 108-day return guarantee.


Wonderful product, great company

I've placed two orders with yogandha, and I am very happy with the quality of the product and the service. I love the texture and the smell of the oils and I really like how easily they get absorbed by the skin (no oily residue, no clogged skin pores, no stains on the clothing). My skin feels moisturised and nourished but also very light with a lovely scent. Also, I really appreciate Sinead's newsletters and her wonderful insights. Thank you for this great product. :-)

Magda S.
Gorgeous products + great customer service

I got a gift of a yogandha oil a while back and adored it. I wanted to purchase a gift for a mentor who helped my yoga training journey and it was a no brainer to order this. The purchase process was smooth, and it helps that I'm supporting and Irish company. Will absolutely order again.

Orla K.

I've been using the oils for a few years now. I love them all and use daily, choosing one depending on what I feel in the morning or evening when I shower. My skin feels lovely and soft and the scents are just divine. I value this time with myself, and see it as my treat to myself at the end of the day. At night I've found using the relax along with the body scan meditation a pure joy and I drift off to a blissful children also indulge in the oil, the older teenagers using the muscle soothe and detox and my youngest son loves the relax before bed...

Fiona M.