are we the right fit? can you feel it?

we love to partner with stores and wellness studios. so we can bring mindbody wellness to more than we could alone. we cherish these partnerships, but we are not for everyone...   here’s a few things you should know before considering whether yogandha might be right in your store/studio:

meditating girlwe do… listen to our intuition. if it feels right, it will work. But we have to feel the connection and you have to feel it too! value our products as composed of the finest ingredients on earth, 100% fresh, 0% preservatives. They were made to be used – not sit on a shelf. feel our stockists are partners on the noble path of bringing mind-body wellbeing to everyone, every day.
yoga girlwe do not…sacrifice our principles for the mighty dollar, euro, or pound. Never have done, never will. engage in pushy marketing campaigns. We are all about spreading the wisdom that these herbs contain. need to be stocked everywhere – in fact we only want to be stocked where our principles are valued.

still feeling it? then lets connect…