our story

🙏🏽 I’m Sinead (like Shin-aid) a mindfulness and essential oils consciousness coach, creator of these blends and your guide to using essential oils for anxiety, wellness, mindfulness & manifestation

🌿 this journey all began back when I was sitting cross-legged meditating in an ashram in India - smelled an essential oil and felt how it immediately brought me into the state of mind I needed to be in

🌿 smells are a back-stage pass to a mindful state

🌿 I spent 3 years meditatively blending on the primary wellness goals of my yoga students to create the range (and turns out these are most peoples' wellness goals). this birthed = yoga + gandha (sanskrit for mindful fragrance)


🌿I see yogandha as more than a range of multi-award-winning essential oils blends, it’s movement to reclaim the power of mindful fragrance for instant yet deep mind-body wellness

🌏 with a background in human rights having worked in Kenya, Lebanon, South Sudan, Ethiopia & Mozambique, giving back is an integral part of yogandha's mission