Fragrance fills Indian ashrams because it opens up the meditative mind and has an immediate effect on the nervous system. It is this tradition of using fragrant herbs and plants for mind-body wellbeing that yoga teacher and Yogandha founder, Sinead, is reviving.

She spent three years meditating and blending on the wellness goals of her students to create the range. It was three years of herbal trance and the products are unlike anything else. They are complex and deep and Sinead likes to think that through deep meditation, she was able to allow a force to work through her, allowing the herbs to be synergized in the way they wanted to be.

She dearly hopes that yogandha oils will bring daily self-connection and calm into the lives of all they touch. She is very proud that the oils are now multi-award winning, though nothing is as important to her as having an deeply positive impact on your wellbeing, bringing moments of calm self-connection every day.

About Yogandha founder Sinead Duffy

Sinead DuffySinead stumbled into an ashram in Java, Indonesia in her early 20s & learned meditation and aromatherapy, though strangely did not put the two together at the time. She then did a degree in Human Rights and for many years worked in that area in Kenya, Lebanon, South Sudan, Ethiopia & Mozambique. In Addis Ababa she did her first ever yoga class. She came home from her first ever yoga class and announced to her new husband that she really had to move to India pretty soon. Having waited 8 years to live in the same country, he let her off again and she went to train at Sivananda, Vivekananda, and Vipasana. She then headed back to Africa to teach yoga (and be a more present wife).

During Vipasana, which is ten days of silence with ten and a half hours seated meditation per day, she had brought sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, cedarwood and more. She had brought them primarily for their multi-functioning health benefits – making them the lightest first-aid kit you can carry travelling. During the deep meditation of Vipasana, however, for the first time she experienced at a deep meditative level the effect that these sacred herbs have on the subconscious mind.

This was the revelation that birthed Yogandha. Sinead has finally settled in her home country of Ireland where she lives with her patient husband and two kids. She now travels across Europe teaching about how fragrance, or Gandha in Sanskrit, opens the meditative mind and can bring mindfulness and deep wellbeing into your every day.

Sinead gives online webinars which you can tune into from any country in the world, for free. If you’d like to learn more about these, just let us know here