Best essential oils for energy

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Best essential oils for energy

What are the best essential oils for energy? 

Rosemary is amazing for giving us an energy boost - what’s wonderful about it is that it boosts mind and body. Many quick-fix energy boosters give you a good kick-start..but they also give the body more work to do to process - so there’s overall a net loss, however good it may feel initially. Essential oils give you that boost - while supporting and detoxifying the body at the same time! 

The citrus oils are also really excellent for giving you a lift - especially to your mood on darker days. If your energy slump feels like its connected to the hormones - then reach for Clary Sage. It helps channel the inner wonder-woman.

Most non-body-friendly energy boosters wreak havoc with the nervous system.

To find something that both boosts energy and calms the the nervous system is a real win - and Bergamot does just that.

The mint family give a nice lift - but for me a more sustainable boost comes from from trees - eg Cedarwood, is both grounding and uplifting at the same time - which is a more sustainable energy boost. Try Yogandha Salute with bergamot, rosemary, grapefruit and ravensara (a cousin of eucalyptus) for a great natural, healthy energy boost.


How do they boost energy? - the science behind it but in layman's terms, please.

When we breathe in essential oils, the smell molecules travel up the nose to the olfactory nerves and directly to the brain - in particular the part of the brain that governs our emotions - how we feel. If we feel tired, or lacking motivation - or for that matter, stressed and ungrounded - that neural messaging goes on from the brain to the body and impacts every single system in our body. 

Then we inhale an essential oil. The messaging changes. The oils themselves bring new neural messaging that the brain, and the body immediately responds to that (the effects are instant) - be it calming, uplifting, and with the above oils - giving an energy boost to mind and body.

The best way to use it - e.g. diffuser/on the skin. 

The best way to use essential oils is on the skin - but always blended. Diffusers are fabulous for having the odor waft through the home and it will impact the mood of all in the house. But on the skin has deeper benefits. The act of rubbing oil on yourself is in itself very calming and self-connecting. As well as calming the nervous system, it will support all other systems in the body - digestion, lymphatic drainage. This overall body support will in turn  boost the immune system (as do the oils themselves). So getting on the skin is the best way to use (and say goodbye to dry skin at the same time!)

Using in the bath and shower is also lovely. The fragrance of oils waft up and you naturally breathe them in very deeply - which is fantastic for your state of mind. If you prefer an energy boost - skip the bath and go for a fragrant shower. Try using Yogandha Detox in the shower - its be best way to give you that energy boost all over, while cleansing yourself without drying your skin.