Happy Anniversary to us!

Posted by Sinead Duffy on

Happy Anniversary to us!

I confess that I rarely wander into Linkedin...

But this week I popped in and saw lots of 'congratulations on your work anniversary' messages

I had no idea - but yes, it is true - it's yogandha's birthday!

It was October 2013 that I gave myself a job for which I was entirely unqualified

And it's been a fun 8 years

Learning the ropes of how to grow a wellness brand

And getting to teach what I DO know to more people than I could have ever imagined

Thank you so much to all who've been beside me for the ride

So many of you took a chance and invested in my oils - either from me personally at one of the many yoga and wellness festivals over the years

or even more bravely - you bought online, a product you couldn't smell (if only we could smell online...). So thank you for taking that chance on me and what I've created

This year - as before - in place of Black Friday, we are having Yin Friday. Yin as in Yin-Yang - also representing black - but the quieter side of the Yin-Yang balance

And this year we are particularly celebrating those who've been with us along this journey so far