what essential oils are good for manifestation?

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Clary Sage Essential Oil

if you’re doing any manifesting and not using essential oils you are missing out on a powerful helper because fragrance is the language of the subconscious mind. but what essential oils work best?

there are two types:

essential oils that are good for manifesting in general and essential oils for particular kinds of intentions. 

clary sage is my number one oil for manifesting - because it helps you ’see’ or be aware of what it is you want to manifest

clary sage is called ‘clear eye’ by herbalists - a decoction of the seeds was used as an eye wash. but with essential oils - everything always works on multiple levels, so your inner eye also gets great clarity from clary sage, and its linked to psychic seeing, so for both knowing what you want, and then for visualizing that into reality, clary sage is the number one.

Vetiver Essential Oil 

vetiver is my next favorite essential oil for manifestation. It’s long associated with manifesting abundance

I rub vetiver on my business cards - so when I give to someone, they’ll have in their wallet - attracting abundance to them...

it also helps connects us to dharma or purpose, which is the foundation of living an intentional life

Jasmine Essential Oil 

jasmine - is next for me - also known to attract abundance 

it is also so full of internal contradictions, male/female, spiritual/aphrodisial yin/yang, that it brings the impossible and possible together and breaks down the illusory division between the two

Myrrh Essential Oil


myrrh - connects us with the divine and grounds us in our inner wisdom about the right path to take to manifest the reality we truly wish to create

how to use? - well every single one of these oils are in yogandha balance - so of my blends that is the roll-on i use most for manifesting. it has a goddess signature and energy and every woman should get a good dose of that daily!



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