what essential oils are good for manifestation?

Posted by Sinead Duffy on

what essential oils are good for manifestation?

so what is manifestation, intentionality, affirmation....and fragramation?

there is a lot of talk online about manifesting at the moment - I thought we'd take a quick look at what it all means and how fragrance can help the process

1. manifestation

this is the process of consciously flooding your subconscious with the energy of what you really want in your life

positive thoughts, of course - but also the vibrational energy of what you want to manifest

(and the vibrational energy is one aspect that essential oils chemistry can help with)

2. intentionality

this is the mental state you need to be in in order to manifest

so this is basically a higher state of awareness of your thoughts as well as directing those thoughts toward the outcome you'd like


3. affirmation

these are verbal statements of manifestation

although our thoughts structure our words, our words also structure our thoughts

and our thoughts also structure our reality

we can think the reality we want into reality

this is what affirmations are about - a strong tool in your manifestation tool kit

affirmations can also help overcome self-sabotaging thoughts - a key element to getting it all working for you

yogandha roller ball for meditation

4. fragramation

yes, these are something I’m introducing to the world!

it is a practice linking fragrance to affirmation in order to strengthen consciousness and intentionality and so manifest more easily

more on these later....just planting the seed for now...


so what essential oils are good for manifestation?

some essential oils are more intention-specific, and some are universal - ie good for manifesting in general. if this area is of interest to you, it's important to know the first step

knowing what you want

most people assume that this will be easy - but it's not at all and really requires some deep and focused thinking time

what do you want - really want?

luckily oils can help here too (as they are so linked to intuition and the subconscius, they can actually help in every part of manifesting)

so for now, apply some ground, grab a journal, and get writing...

if you have difficulty getting a really clear picture of what you want to manifest - apply some balance


what we think about, we bring into our reality, so lets get intentional!