Your 2021 Me Map

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Your 2021 Me Map

Throughout December, all orders made placed through our website will come with a complimentary 2021 Me Map. So, just what is a Me Map?

The Yogandha Me Map was created for you to record your wellness ritual goals for 2021. Simply decide on what wellness rituals you wish to commit to next year and write them down. Under each, include a few notes about how this ritual will make you feel.

We are creatures of habit. Most of our day is full of habits. We don’t even think about them. You know how it feels like when you arrive at work but don’t really know how you got there? The journey was completely on autopilot. Habits are so ingrained in our daily routine that there is no awareness or consciousness to them.

Rituals, on the other hand, are connected with a higher level of consciousness. We do them with purpose and with mindfulness. We used to be more ritualistic in our daily habits but not so much anymore. It’s time to bring rituals and mindfulness into our daily life. Having rituals is a wonderful help to mindful living.

Many people, with the best of intentions, decide on a goal to change their lifestyle, make them happier and healthier.  But how often do they stay on course?  It is too easy to do it a couple of times and convince yourself you’ll miss just this once only to discontinue fairly quickly. Rituals become an important tool to develop the ability to stay focused on the activity or goal because they build an attitude of commitment to yourself that what you are doing matters.

The difference between a routine and a ritual is that while routine is the action, it is the ritual that helps you to reinforce the commitment to the goals, affirmations, or healthy lifestyle changes you choose. Written rituals engage you in a conscious practice before you take the action. 

Meditation is a peaceful and surprisingly easy way to connect your body, mind, and soul, and to feel calm and happy during the whole year. There’s nothing like yoga and meditation to strengthen the connection between your body and mind. The secret to a perfect meditation comes from engaging your fifth sense: the smell.

Essential oils, such as jasmine and clary sage can direct the body to relax, working to lower your heart rate. You will find these ingredients in Yogandha Balance Roll-on oil. Lavender can help combat mild insomnia, reduce anxiety, and even ease depression in certain cases. Engaging your sense of smell through aromatherapy can make your meditation practice even more effective. You can find lavender in Yogandha Relax Body Oil.

Another ritual you might want to write down in your Me Map could be decluttering. Doing this simple ritual daily gives a strong and super positive message to our subconscious mind. It’s a positive signal of being on top of our game and it’s measurable. Every day we create less clutter, more ease, and better alignment in our life.

What will you be writing on your Me Map?

Keep your Me Map somewhere visible and enjoy feeling amazing this year :)