4 rituals to bring abundance

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4 rituals to bring abundance

Simple changes in your environment, office and even to your business cards can make a world of difference in energy and abundance. Here we are sharing yogandha's favourite rituals to bring abundance that you can implement right away.

1. Think about your work environment

To feel secure and stable when we work and make decisions we need support. When you set up your workspace have a wall behind you. This is referred to as mountain support. Literally having a mountain of strength and support behind you. This also means that you can see what comes at you.

We often have our desk facing the wall but it can make a huge difference if you can make that little change in your office. If not, place a mirror so that you can see what's coming behind you.

Have something inspirational in front of you. Something that sparks motivation, joy and abundance for you.

2. Plants are Mother Nature’s abundance

Keep plants in your environment, see them grow, multiply and flower. Keep them clean and practise mindfulness as you water and nourish them. Think of nurturing your plants as a way to nurture and sustain your business, work, creativity and abundance.

3. Keep it clean

As you properly know there are so many rituals that include cleansing. Keep your desk and work area clean and tidy. It creates space for abundance and new opportunities. Energetically clean with chemical free products. You don’t want chemicals in your environment or inhale any strong artificial smells.

Instead, use simple salt water. Salt water is purifying and cleansing on an energetic level too. You can squirt a bit of Detox in the cleansing salt water solution to enhance the purifying effect.

Other essential oils that would be perfect to create abundance are sandalwood and sweet orange. They are both associated and known for attracting abundance. We have sandalwood and sweet orange essential oil in Ground.

4. Vetiver your business cards

Yes, that’s right. If you ever got a yogandha business card then notice its scent. It will smell of vetiver. Our cards are made of recycled card material and absorb the essential oils really well. You only need to apply a tiny bit on your finger and then swipe across the top of your business cards. If you have Ground you can also use that to infuse some abundant vetiver and sandalwood energy to your cards.

Now your business cards are attracting abundance. When you give your card to someone, ask them to smell it and tell them how keeping it in their purse can attract abundance for them too.

Abundance, we are ready for you

Time to get started with these super quick and easy tips to create more abundance in your life. Which one will you start with?

Please share in the comment box below. And share your own personal abundance ritual as well.