your beliefs determine your reality

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Your beliefs determine your reality

this is actually a truly empowering idea. it may be daunting but you can change your beliefs and experience your reality very differently.

however, repeating an affirmation or making a vision board is not always enough. we actually truly need to believe it, feel it and most importantly our subconscious mind needs to be convinced too.

most of our beliefs were created by the time we were 5 years old by our parents, carers, society and culture. they may have served a purpose at the time but perhaps they are no longer relevant. in fact, they may very well be self-limiting beliefs.

let’s change some of these self-limiting beliefs.

how to change your thoughts

you can literally do this exercise in less than 8 minutes. you can always repeat as many times as you like with different beliefs too.

it’s a short 4 step process and all you need is pen and paper.

The c word - can’t

write down at least 5 things that you want but you can’t. e.g. I can’t change my job, I can’t have a truly loving supporting partner, I can’t ask for a promotion, I can’t request _____ (fill in the blank).


now justify why you can’t. this is multilayered so dig deep and get it all out. some of the justifications may feel pretty real and you would probably have friends agreeing with you. but keep digging into the i can’t. some of these reasons may be very illuminating, perhaps they are self-limiting and completely untrue. where did these beliefs come from?


now we have to create alternatives to the justifications. this is the 'or' and a more nuanced thought process. perhaps you had a similar situation another time and actually, you could do it. you were capable of something you never thought you could. but somehow you pulled it off. you found a way, mastered a new skill set, evolved, studied, got educated… through your life, you have, in fact, accomplished so much. we just don’t always acknowledge our wins. now is the time to do just that.

apply these and maybe other peoples successes as an alternative to the c word of can't and the justifications. if the guy down the road could do something/create/accomplished a certain thing - why wouldn’t you be able to?

make it multilayered and write it all down.


this is the most crucial step. we can repeat an affirmation a million times but if we or our subconscious mind don't believe it, then it ain't gonna happen. but our subconscious mind is open to suggestions and manipulation. we need to give it evidence that it’s possible. that’s why the alternative/or step is so important. through our evidence, we can convince our subconscious mind that we can change.

write, write and write. and keep digging deep into your beliefs and values. your beliefs create your reality so it's worth taking the time to explore and detox from all those limiting thoughts.

now we would love to know your experience of using affirmations and changing your self-limiting beliefs. please share in the comment box below.

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