what's your biggest wellbeing goal?

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what's your biggest wellbeing goal?

last week I told you about the aha moment that birthed the concept of yogandha

but that was just the idea... I had absolutely no clue what I was going to do with it

I was new to teaching yoga and wanted to give my students something to connect them with their practice between their weekly sessions

a blend to bring them back into the state that I knew the oils could deliver

so I just asked my students - what's your biggest wellbeing goal?

talking about goals in yoga is a bit different to the western concept of goals - it's super-fascinating to look at them from a yogic-philosophy perspective

but the essence is to embody the state of the goal - and drop the illusion that the separation between you and that goal ever existed. (pretty cool approach!)

so I wrote down their goals...and spent three years meditating on them

Not 10.5 hours per day - but that's what I did for a three or four hours every morning

sat cross-legged on the floor in a small cave-like room in my house - surrounded by hundred and hundred of bottles

I tried to embody the goal, then get the essential oils I knew carried the energy and chemical properties that'd support that

in the evening, I did a diploma to learn the chemistry of what I was feeling

so fabulous to know that it's really ALL chemistry with lovely mood-altering capital letters and small numbers!

I focused on just one blend at a time, starting with only two essential oils, then adding a third - but just adding a third might take ten attempts at different oils, then a fourth - which might work - or might have me going back to change my third, then a different fourth..and so on

each blend had over a hundred iterations

a lot of essential oils blends on the market only have three or four essential oils

each of mine has more - because of this time invested and the deep state of consciousness I was able to get to from my meditation practice - and the oils just carried me there!

muscle soothe was perfectly complete at five

but with relax, the last of the six blends I made, I kept going all the way to eight essential oils - I was really trancing out on that one!

I didn't know what form the oils would take - and my ever-patient husband did occasionally enquire... but three years they were complete - 3 roll-ons for before practice and for out and about, and 3 body oils for after practice or after anything - or anytime...I've the body oils in every room and apply constantly - every part of my body and mind is so happy every time I do

yogandha roller ball set

so that's how they came into the world

I must work out how many oils have have reached the hands and bodies of others - but it's definitely in the tens of thousands, which I am so happy about - because I know how much good they do

thank you so very much for being here and allowing this whole project to continue - it just wouldn't without you and I am more grateful than you can imagine