September is the time for setting your Goals - yoga style

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Sankalpa. A vow that is congruent with my highest calling

Sankalpa is the term for a goal in Yoga. The word is made up of two parts. Kalpa is a vow, almost a law. And San means a connection to your highest Truth. It entails the notion of Dharma – which is something we won’t go into now, but we will go deep into that concept later in the year (when we have Yogandha Ground to hand).
I had actually thought to put that deep work in here and now, but I meditated on the herbs (in Yogandha Salute) and it was clear to me that this time of the year isn't about digging deep. The mantra of Yogandha Salute is Pranam Dhehi – may the upward moving energy be nourished. This time is more about moving outward, upward, forward.. We’ll return to the deep work in a quieter, darker, more inward part of the earth’s rotation around the sun. Stay tuned here

For now, let’s just acknowledge that any Goal or Sankalpa has to be fully congruent with our overarching life-goals and internal value system. Any conflict will completely scupper our attempts. An issue here is that often these internal values and beliefs are unconscious – we never really take them out, dust them off, and make sure they are not clashing (a conflicting set of beliefs causes discord internally..and this ripples out to the universe.. as Yogis I believe it is our duty to sort out that mess!

I’ll be shepherding you through this process sometime around the winter solstice, Yogandha Ground in hand. Suffice it to say for now – Goals must be congruent with your own value-set, so as you are picking and setting goals now, try to glean from your inner self..’does this really sit well with me and my overall life plan?’
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