Warm and spicy. Why we love black pepper

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Black Pepper

You might not necessarily associate black pepper with essential oils and aromatherapy. Rather its something on your kitchen table that you add to your cooking or grind over your meals. But black pepper has been used in Ayurveda as a medicine for thousands of years and in aromatherapy as an essential oil because of its many beneficial qualities.

Black pepper as a spice and an essential oils is loved for its warming qualities. Whether you are experiencing a sluggish digestion, need to clear a congested respiratory system or suffer from coldness in the joints black pepper has been used both as an Ayurvedic and folk medicine - as well as an essential oil.

Perhaps we add peppercorns to our meals, take it as a herbal medicine or blend black pepper essential oil into our massage oils or bath oil blends for its healing properties.

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Aromatic black pepper

In aromatherapy, we love using the essential oil this time of year. It’s an excellent antidote to the cold and damp weather. And all the ailments that winter weather may bring. It is used for colds and respiratory system complaints. Wonderful to relieve a sluggish digestion (which is why it is so beneficial to use peppercorns in your meals), and its great to massage on achy joints and stiff muscles. It’s a warming oil and will support the blood circulation keeping your body and muscles nice warm and supple.

One of the ingredients in Yogandha Ground Rollerball is black pepper due to its many healing properties. And the aroma also brings warmth and clarity.

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You can apply Yogandha Ground Rollerball onto your chest to support your respiratory system. This blend also includes frankincense, cedarwood and sandalwood which are all perfect to calm and relax your breathing.

Another reason we love black pepper and use it in Yogandha Ground Rollerball is that of its grounding, warming, nurturing and focusing properties on the mind and emotions.

Inhaling black pepper instantly gives you a sense of warmth and comfort. But it also promotes alertness, mental clarity and focus. It was considered by Indian monks to help with endurance. It can help to focus the mind during meditation and help to prevent the mind from wandering.

Applying a bit of Yogandha Ground Rollerball on your pulse points, temples and eyebrow centre helps to centre and ground you. Apply and take a deep breath and you are ready for yoga or meditation. Or for getting on with your work project and simply getting grounded when feeling overwhelmed.

As an aromatherapy blend Yogandha Ground Rollerball is perfect to completely calm a scattered mind. To deeply relax and soothe our emotions and, as the name suggests, to ground us.

Please note that this wonderful oil is a stimulant and all essential oils should be used in a base oil or solvent and never neat on the skin. Do not use essential oils internally.

Learn all about getting grounded in the new year and starting it off with the best possible basis to be able to fulfil those New Years Resolutions in the FREE webinar.

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