top 5 essential oils for anxiety

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Chamomile for anxiety

anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe, according to the nhs (national health service). some anxiety is normal. we get anxious when we step out of our comfort zone, maybe we have a job interview, go on a new date or have to make a big decision in our life. but when anxiety is unexplained or affects our daily life we need support.

our top 5 essential oils to reduce anxiety


lavender is an all-time favourite essential oil. it is extremely balancing and calming and used for both body, mind and emotions. research suggests that lavender “reduced anxiety and improved mood in patients waiting for dental treatment” in one study. another study showed that lavender essential oil inhalation decreases exam anxiety.

it’s definitely the top essential oil to have around when feelings of overwhelm or insomnia arise. inhale it or apply it on the skin. when using it on the skin blend it with a carrier oil or use an already blended massage oil such as yogandha relax body oil.

Chamomile Flowers for Anxiety


good old chamomile has always been used as a remedy to calm down. a tea infusion of chamomile flowers is used to calm down troubled digestion, reduce skin irritations and drunk to relax an overactive mind.

the essential oil has the same properties when applied on the skin or inhaled. the herbal and grounded aroma of blue chamomile, found in yogandha relax body oil, encourages stillness and reflection and eases sleep.


this grass has a very heavy almost smoky aroma. when inhaled it instantly grounds you. that’s why it is such an important part of yogandha ground roll-on. If you feel anxious, stress or overwhelmed vetiver is your friend.


this aroma helps us to breathe. when we feel anxious or panicky we often find it difficult to breathe. frankincense is a perfect essential oil in any anxiety blend as it slows and deepens the breath inducing a feeling of peace. we use it in several blends including yogandha relax body oil and yogandha ground roll-on.


along with frankincense, sandalwood has long been used for meditation and relaxation. it’s another woody, grounding essential oil that helps to relax an overactive mind.

it calms any irritation whether it's mental or physical. sandalwood makes yogandha ground roll-on an excellent choice when we need to still our minds.Body Massage for Anxiety

body massage to relax the mind

we also love using the essential oils in a massage blend. body massage is a very grounding practise to soothe and calm an anxious mind. in Ayurveda, oil massage is a therapeutic treatment to reduce vata dosha. excess vata can manifest as anxiety and insomnia. we use yogandha relax body oil to calm our minds and soothe away anxiety.

essential oils work so wonderfully for anxiety, stress or insomnia as it affects us both through our olfactory system, our sense of smell, as well as through our bloodstream when inhaled or applied. the act of applying, especially massaging, the essential oil blends also support our nervous system. so go ahead. try different aromas, different scents and different blends.

please note this is not medical advice and purely for education only. always refer to a medical professional to discuss your mental and emotional health and potential treatment. if you have any medical condition or if you are pregnant please always consult your medical consultant before using essential oils and speak to a qualified aromatherapist.


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