6 celtic rituals to do in may

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Celtic rituals to do in May

beltane is the biggest festival in the celtic calendar and one of the most sacred. it is the time between the spring equinox and the summer solstice celebrating the spring and the coming of summer. in a way, it is also the time where we can set intentions for the next yearly cycle (more on this later).

in this blog we will create rituals for Beltane with intention. here are our favourite 6 celtic beltane rituals. you can choose all of them or commit to one or two. but do so with intention. perhaps doing it every day of may.

burning candle

6 celtic beltane celebration rituals


the element of fire is part of most traditions, religions and spiritual practices. also in the celtic tradition. you can bring fire into your celebrations by lighting a candle. an easy but powerful practice is to light a candle before your evening meal. this is a beautiful time to set an intention that you are gathering for dinner, that you have food on the table and that it is a celebration. even if you are eating on your own. you are honouring the sacredness of eating and it only takes a second. perhaps you want your older children to get involved too. of course, you can light a candle anytime, before your meditation, yoga, prayer…


in the celtic tradition, hawthorn and rowan are sacred plants. if they grow near you have a look around and explore. if you don’t have access to hawthorn or rowan get some yellow flowers. yellow mirrors the sun and the coming summer. as you arrange your foliage do so with intention celebrating the sun and summer. yogandha salute roll-on also honours the principle of sunshine, brightness and joy. you can apply yogandha salute roll-on as a ritual with the intention of celebrating beltane.

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beltane is an important time in the celtic calendar and its a time for celebration. gather friends and family for a feast to mark this special occasion. it’s a great way to bring the ritual and intentions of celebration into your life and the new yearly cycle.

morning dew

for the celts morning dew is considered sacred. practically you can honour and celebrate the morning dew by going for a walk at dawn in nature or a garden. be aware of the dew on the plants and grass, perhaps wash your hands or face with it. this is the perfect time to embrace the morning dew as it’s not too early for morning walks at dawn.

guarding your possessions

this is perhaps the only time the celts are guarding their possessions. usually, it’s all about inclusiveness and sharing. but this symbolises a start of what is coming for the rest of the year. for that reason, this is the one time in the celtic calendar that is about being a bit more protective. become aware of being around what is sacred to you and keep it protected.

veil between worlds

beltane is a sacred time where the veils between the worlds, or other worlds, are thinning. for us, as a ritual of intention, it’s an auspicious time to ask for guidance or protection for the year ahead. it’s the perfect time to ask for support and start a practice of meditation, prayer or rituals.

that’s our 6 beltane celebration rituals for you to start to implement in your daily life. again, you don’t have to do all 6 of them. maybe one or two resonate. commit to whichever ones are right for you and commit to practise every day of may for example. it’s a beautiful way and auspicious time to start.praying man during ritual



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