lovely ylang ylang

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lovely ylang ylang

what grounds the whole salute blend?

exquisite ylang ylang - one of the most special oils you'll ever experience. pronounced 'e-lang e-lang' - the word comes from Tagalog - an Austronesian language that forms the basis of what's now Filipino, said to mean 'flower to flowers'

the scent is almost impossible to describe - floral, earthy, sweet, intoxicating. have also heard - custardy, hints of banana, orange, honey

a sophisticated fragrance - which generally points to chemical complexity - which in turn points to lots of lovely benefits

top line benefits are:

  • reduces blood pressure and heart-rate
  • calms and lifts the mood

one of the key chemical components is linalool - the main chemical in lavender - and I think one of the main reasons that everyone loves lavender

linalool is known to be anti-anxiety, stress relieving, eases depression - it's a major mood stabiliser, and fabulous ylang ylang is stacked with it

but before you get to thinking it's all just medicinal - it is the exotic floral and sensual nature that really hits you.

ylang ylang is traditionally scattered on marital beds in Indonesia because of its calming, earthing alluring nature - but also, it's considered to balance the male and female energies

it is one of the key ingredients in Chanel No. 5

and in yogandha salute - where it has the distinct advantage of not have been chemically altered in anyway. and why would you? it is perfection

so when you next breathe in salute - you'll feel the first batch of fragrances that hits the nose, and then try to smell deeper - as the heavy sweet exotic base comes slower to the nose, more subtle, calming sensual.

salute is mostly about uplifting the mood, focus and getting stuff done. but no reason why we can't remain present with our calm, exotic and sensual selves at the same time, eh? keeps it interesting...