17 years ago today...

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17 years ago today...

17 years ago today, I had the most incredible experience possible - I became a mama

essential oils were part of every aspect - and I'm so glad they were as when I was in labour my sense of smell was on hyper-drive. everybody's is - but you don't always get to experience it in a more sterile environment. there was very little sterile 17 years ago today.

when things were coming to a head, so to speak, all eyes were on me, so no one noticed George, the large Rhodesian Ridgeback wander into the room

I remember part of that intense energy-management needing to include an authoritative doggie-voiced 'OUT', we were in Mpumalanga - on the border of South Africa and Mozambique - in a bed and breakfast

my brave husband Sorley and I planned it like this (much to my poor mother's distress)

where we were living at the time - on the 13th floor of an apartment block in downtown Maputo didn't feel like the right place for this happening

and the place we chose was simply magical

the owner had lost her artist husband to cancer some years before and loved the idea of new life coming to the farm, our main room had only 3 sides - like a cave - and opened on to vast the African savanna. 

we arrived a week before the birth and settled into the sounds and rhythms of the bush, and met our house mates - many of which flew and one lizard that was easily as long as my newborn

but I had my oils to ward of beasties, calm us cave-dwellers and provide all the sterility that was required

clary sage kept me strong, jasmine kept me balanced and feeling that kind of femininity that feels like invincibility, lavender healed me

sweet fennel helped me to let go when it was time to let go, and dill floated through the air to help baby Milo adjust to his new diet on the outside world

it was the most incredible time. essential oils peppered it with even more magical energy and kept us strong and sane and safe

I've been lucky enough that they've enhanced so many of our life experiences - and I truly hope that they do the same for you.