the aha moment

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the aha moment

‘’I'm not sure if you know about the 'aha moment' that started yogandha....

It was 2004. I was doing Vipassana - (10.5 hours per day seated meditation, for 10 days) 

I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor of a classroom in central Bangalore, India - with 20 other people. 10 of them were local nuns. I had a picture of my husband, Sorley - they passed it around excitedly, as they thought he was a ringer for St. Francis of Assisi

we were all getting up at 4.30am - no speaking or writing or eye contact was allowed and the final meal of the day was at 11.30 in the morning

why? to reach deeper states of consciousness

and it really worked. I had brought my essential oils with me - but not for meditation

it was for basic for self-care  - because the oils are so multi-functioning - it's just the lightest first aid kit, and while in that meditative state..... I inhaled

I immediately felt how the fragrance calmed me and brought me to the state that my meditation was trying to get me to 

I felt the why (why fragrance has been part of every meditative tradition ever recorded...)

… to be continued...

and know that if you have a meditative practice, the oils will enhance it beautifully. 

and if you don't have a meditative practice - that's ok too - these sacred oils provide a mindful ritual in themselves - that's just part of what they do!’’ - Sinead, founder of yogandha