going for gold in august

Posted by Sinead Duffy on

going for gold in august

what a feast the Olympics are - every stroke, stride, backflip, volley, reach

and the stories. the number of hours of dedication, the setbacks overcome, the strength of will, the pure intentionality.

and it's great timing for this feast - because of all points of the year - THIS is the best point for setting out our own goals - whatever they may be.


well many think that it must be January - new year...

but our mind-body is much more in tune with the turning of the seasons than the turning of the calendar. at this time of year we've naturally got to absorb the energy of the sun (as much as is on offer wherever we find ourselves!), and that quite literally re-charges our batteries.

as we move from Solstice to Equinox the angle of the sun narrows, as does our persepective, moving more inward - honing in on what we'll do with these recharged batteries.

the simple act of recording a goal on paper hugely increases its success rate (if you tell someone else about your goal, it increases again)

so whatever August holds for you - take some time to think about matters to you, what you'd like to do - and write it down

the oils will help you both determine what you want (often the hardest bit) and then to get you there - so lean into them at every stage

and go for gold