Aromatherapy and Face Masks - How to be More Covid-Conscious

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Aromatherapy and Face Masks - How to be More Covid-Conscious


How are you finding wearing a face mask? 

These are strange times indeed and it doesn’t look like things are changing anytime soon, the mask is here to stay - at least for a while. 

Luckily, Yogandha Oils are leading the way in making wearing a face mask more a little more wearable and a little more bearable.

Some of the unpleasantness is people feel they can't breathe. Wearing a face mask, (the single-use sort of washable/reusable masks) even for short periods of time, can make some people feel claustrophobic and can be anxiety-inducing - even for those who have never suffered from anxiety previously.

And, for others, it's the smell of the mask that can be off-putting and uncomfortable - especially when your own recycled breath is added to the mix!

A university hospital in San Antonio, Texas has recently completed a study - using aromatherapy for face masks. 

In the study, the hospital staff were used to wearing masks, but only for short periods of time. Now that it's required so much more, they were reporting anxiety, headaches, smelliness - basically a general bad buzz!

Luckily, the staff already used aromatherapy as part of their patient care, so it made sense to try it out.

Why? Because the oils…

  1. a) smell nice
  2. b) support the respiratory system 
  3. and c) calm the wearer



How to effectively apply aromatherapy to your face mask

Step 1: Simply rub oils on the inside edges of your mask (or if that feels too strong, on the outside of your mask). 

Step 2) Feel that each breath is full of respiratory-system-supporting, immune-boosting, calming essential oils.

We recommend using a reusable fabric mask (reduce your anxiety and save the planet at the same time). Cloth face masks are proven to be just as effective as their throwaway counterparts too. They create a barrier between your mouth and nose and the people around you. This makes it more difficult for the droplets that spread coronavirus through coughs, sneezes and talking to reach other people.

You can use neat essential oils, though they may be too strong, so our blended oils will probably work best. 

We’ve been using Yogandha Salute and it's perfect. It's both uplifting and contains essential oils that are lab-proven viral-disruptors e.g. ravensara and rosemary (it became popular to grow rosemary by your door during the Black Death because folks knew these properties before we needed labs to reassure us!).

And the roll-on makes it really easy to apply too. We go around the full perimeter of my mask and actually do the full perimeter both inside and out. Outside for more protection and inside so that each in-breath is just lovely.

It's also nice to pick from our three roll-on oils as per your mood. Does your mind and body need balance, calm or uplifting?


If you’d like to try aromatherapy for your face mask - try one of our 3 roll-on oils. They are easy to use, mess free and can be carried around with you in your pocket or handbag). Plus, we ship worldwide.

Do let us know how you get on by emailing us or via social media @yogandha_oils. Tag @Yogandha_Oils with the hashtags #YogaMask or #CovidConscious to be featured. 

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