Detoxing on every level

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Detoxing on every level

When we start to detox old limiting or destructive beliefs we start to take better care of ourselves. Maybe we start to exercise or spend more time in nature. Or we start to cook more nourishing food.

Or when we start to detox unhealthy foods from our diet it may also create a clearer mind, perhaps we even start to declutter our home!

See, everything is connected. Body, mind and spirit.

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In yogic philosophy, we talk about 5 different layers in our being. They, too, are interrelated and understanding this connection is a way for us to evolve our awareness.

  • Annamaya Kosha is our “food body” or physical body
  • Pranamaya Kosha is the vital energy or breath body
  • Manomaya Kosha is the mental body and mind
  • Vijnanamaya Kosha is wisdom body
  • Anandamaya Kosha is the bliss body

Physical detox

Most of the physical detox we do have to do with our physical body or Annamaya Kosha. When we do a physical detox with a wholesome diet or do exercise we work with this part of our being. Our dry skin brushing and even our physical environment of decluttering can have an effect here.

We know it will also affect our emotions and our mind. Decluttering might be in our physical space but it certainly affects our Manomaya Kosha too. When an environment is clean and tidy its easier to sit and contemplate and meditate.

How do we detox energetically?

Prana is sometimes said to be connected to the breath. It is true that it is carried on the breath but it is the vital energy of everything. We can detox on the Pranic level by eating seasonal local organic produce because the Prana in fresh food will be better than, say, tinned old food. If we learn how to breathe properly and we breathe fresh clean air its healthier than shallow breathing in the middle of a polluted city.

Using natural skin care such as Yogandha Body Oil on the body doesn’t stress the body. It is all nourishment. And much better Prana and energy for our body and environment than chemically produced body lotions with lots of chemicals. Additionally, the beautifully healing aroma of the essential oils are also carried through the olfactory system, our sense of smell, and have a certain quality of Pranic energy.

But the Pranamaya Kosha is also our vital or energetic field. We are moving beyond the physical.

Mindful detox

We have talked about detoxing our thoughts in previous blog posts. In Yogic philosophy, we move to the Manomaya Kosha, the mind, and how to understand our own mind, our thoughts and how to rein them in. How to use our mind to evolve spiritually. Perhaps we study holy or inspirational texts, practise Mantra or we meditate. Mantra and meditation are both ways to detox an overwhelmed mind.

Om Vajrasattva Hum

Using Yogandha Detox Body Oil can be a support with the intentional purification Mantra: Om Vajrasattva Hum. The act of applying the oil and inhaling it before meditation or Mantra repetition may also help rein the fickle mind.

Finding universal bliss

As we evolve we get to understand the Vijnanamaya Kosha. The link between the conscious mind, the individual mind and the universal mind. The place of deep insight and intuition. We need to weed out all the limiting beliefs and doubts to truly connect with this part of our being.

Ananda means bliss and the Anandamaya Kosha is the bliss sheath or body. We are bliss, we are pure and we are whole. When we detox all the clutter, limitations and fear this is what we are. It may be a challenging concept but it is worth remembering. In Yogic philosophy, we do not ignore the challenges and suffering but we may not be attached to them either. It may be a deep level of detox and cleansing to find bliss but it is there for us all to explore…

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