This Monday is Blue Monday!

Posted by Sinead Duffy on

This Monday is Blue Monday!

What about taking Monday off? Spend the day eating blueberries and watching Le Grand Bleu?

Because this Monday is Blue Monday!!!

And while that may be epic when it's a New Order tune - when it's just another day - it's considered to be the single toughest day of the year. And given where we are in the pandemic - that might just translate to the toughest day ever?

So what can we do?  Simple answer is - what makes you happy? Do that!

Or here's a few ideas for taking it blue on blue...


Blueberries for breakfast - literally bursting with juicy joy - starting the day with a bowlful of these will give you a good context to tell everyone in the house (or just yourself) that today is a day to be nothing but gentle with yourself.


Blue tunes - you've got lots to choose from here - Tangled up in Blue, Blue Orchid, True Blue, Violet and Blue, Union City Blue, Blue Moon, Forever in Blue Jeans....


Into the deep Blue Sea. Almost everyone seems to be sea-swimming these days? If you're a novice, it would be a bit shocking to the system to start just now, but if you've been in and out over the winter - monday's a good day to take a dip. (Land-lovers can replace with a bath)

Keep Cham-Azul-ine and carry on. The wonderful effects that our oils have in body and mind are because of the chemicals in the plants and how they interact with our own chemicals. One of my very favourite chemical compounds is chamazuline. Azul means blue - and if an oil is blue, it probably has this lovely aromatic molecular combo. Its effect is deeeeeeply relaxing.

Most famous is Blue Chamomile (if you pour Yogandha Relax into a clear glass - you'll see the blue hue). Other essential oils with this lovely chemical mix are Yarrow and Blue Tansy.

Whatever you do on Monday - be sure to take it especially easy and be good to yourself. 

Keep well and keep safe!