What are your values?

Posted by Sinead Duffy on

values based living

As we are still in the winter season and yet to come out of hibernation this is a good time to discern and anchor the values we want to bring forward in the coming year.

Once we have our values then decision making becomes much smoother, we learn what we treasure, what we want to embrace in our lives and our values become our foundation.

But how do we know our values?

We are here to guide you or at least inspire you. First of all, there are two ways of knowing:

  1. There is the instant feeling like the gut sensation if something is right or wrong. This is something Malcolm Gladwell explores in his book BLINK which is all about those moments when we 'know' something without knowing why.
  2. Then there is the digging deep contemplation and meditation. The peeling of the layers of what our truth truly is.

You can use both methods in the exercises below.

Do these practices now before the world comes out of hibernation


Apply ground roll-on. Vetiver is the perfect companion to ground and steady us and to help us discern what we truly believe. Sandalwood also helps to calm our minds and guide us.


Standing poses are always grounding. We specifically love Warrior two as it creates focus too. Standing poses in yoga are great ways to anchor your values. Enhance your yoga practice and digging deep for your values by applying Ground before you start.

Warrior two pose is excellent for grounding and focus

The value list

This practice you can do by yourself or with other people such as your workplace or with your family. Each person can choose 1 - 3 values from the list. Any more than that can become overwhelming.

Read out the list below and go with your gut. Which one or three values are right for you at this moment. Values you want to bring forward for this year?

  • adventure
  • kindness
  • peace of mind
  • financial freedom
  • fun
  • balance
  • self-improvement
  • creative
  • friendship
  • power
  • truth
  • wellness
  • power
  • discipline
  • wisdom
  • service
  • happiness
  • love

If you do this with your family and children you can be creative and draw out how your values look or feel. Maybe make a collage or simply write the words on the fridge for you to reconnect with.

Living your values

Now you can check in with your values and how you make choices. You have a focus that your decisions are anchored in. This is a wonderful practice to do every year. Maybe the same values come up, maybe new ones.

We would love to hear what values you are choosing for the coming year. Please share in the comments below.