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Ultimate Girls Day Out- wellness meets beauty with Yogandha

Wellness meets beauty

This weekend Yogandha were at the Ultimate Girls Day Out. It was glorious blend of all things female – from spine checks to psychics to stilettos. We wanted to promote our idea of wellness and beauty...

Ultimate Girls Day Out 2014
                                  Ultimate Girls Day Out 2014

Why we were there..

We are more used to yoga festivals – it was a fun change. We presented Yogandha as ‘wellness meets beauty’ product. We explained that wellness and beauty were once one – what was put on the skin was for the good of the whole body. But today’s chemicaly laden beauty product do nothing good for wellness. With such an increased interest in wellness, the message went down really well.

 Wellness Masterclass

We taught a MasterClass based in the Ayurvedic concept the skin is an organ of absorption & that you shouldn’t put on your skin what you wouldn’t put in your mouth!

Applying face masks
                                       DIY face mask masterclass


We got folks on their way teaching a simple face mask with only 3 ingredients – Natural Yoghurt (the lactic acid exfoliates), Honey (has hydrating, toning and tightening effects) & Yogandha Detox – to clear and cleanse. Wellness made SO easy!

Yogandha detox
                                               Yogandha detox


We all made our own face oils –each had 30ml bottles of Apricot Kernal Oil and Sinead had her collection of Essential Oils (about 200!). Everyone heard about the top notes, middle notes and base notes…. and then got to play!

Sinead teaching her mindful bodycare masterclass
                     Sinead teaching her mindful bodycare masterclass
                               DIY face mask & face oil masterclass

 Who we met

It was great to connect with the gang at U Magazine and Womans Way and with models Teodora SutraYomiko ChenAnjelica SalomaoJanuary Winters and Karen Fitzpatrick from Assetts Model Agency and Morgan the Agency. The fabulous Lorraine Keane and the crew at Solas Croi Eco Spa, and Rathgar Pharmacy

         Sinead got to meet Lorraine Keane- she loved our relax body oil!
                   Teodora Sutra was a huge fan of our detox body oil
UGDO yomiko chen
                                                  Yomiko Chen
January Winters loved our muscle soothe body oil- especially after all of her cat walkin'January Winters loved our muscle soothe body oil- especially after all of her cat walkin'

UGDO karen fitzpatrick                                                         Karen Fitzpatrick

UGDO anjelica salomao
                                               Anjelica Salamao

Looking forward to next year already!

Thanks to Norah Casey and all at Irish Tatler for a fantastic weekend and a great event!

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