Intention is the new resolution

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Intention is the new resolution

Intention (sankalpa)

Sankalpa is the setting of an intention. It is a short sentence or resolve of great significance to you.  Their power lies in the fact that they are embedded into the subconsciousness – which is as suggestible as it is powerful.


subconscious                                     Setting an intention works subconsciously


The sankalpa should be phrased positively – so not ‘i will give up' or stop a certain action but ‘i am developing', 'i am becoming.’  phrasing it and feeling as if it is already in progress or even completed increases the receptivity of the subconscious to the intention. It can be in the present or future tense. It must be something that you actually believe, for it to attach itself to your will. If you feel doubt as you say it, re-word it. Take time to find one that works. When you have it, you will feel the energy of it.

Gandha and intention

Gandha comes in very useful with intention because of its direct access to the sub-conscious brain.  It is not sufficient in itself and mindful repetition of the intention is still very necessary, but the herbs and plants will underpin the efforts and the fragrance serves as a reminder to the sub-conscious.


Limbic Brain & aromatherapy                                                          Intention and gandha


We formulated our products based on the most common intentions.  The intentions we set (ground, balance..) Are generalised and a crucial element of sankalpa is that it is meaningful to you.

Draw out your own intention 

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Ground can be used for any sankalpa associated with the base chakra (security and basic needs) or any intention related to being more grounded, present, or mindful.

Balance can be used for any sankalpa associated with the sacral chakra (relationships, creativity) – or anything related to balancing your life.

Salute can be used for any sankalpa associated with the solar plexus chakra (self-worth, self-control) though we drew the name from the sankalpa to foster a regular morning practice, which we found it also helps. 

Muscle soothe can be used for any sankalpa related to nourishing the anamaya kosha (the bodily form) or any commitment to greater self-care.

Detox can be used for any sankalpa associated with cleansing and clearing – be it physical, emotional or at any level.

Relax can be used for any sankalpa associated with any self-nourishment or with letting go, being present, keeping calm and relaxed.

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Get the right wording of your sankalpa and then repeat it when you apply the product.

This practice is not necessary to derive benefit from products – but it will give them a deeper benefit. As important as believing in the sankalpa, is that you like the smell of the product.

Sankalpa is much more that a simple resolution – it is preparing the ground for the sub-conscious to work through you – and harmony is necessary for that to happen.  Applying a product that you don’t like, or worse that contains something that your body reacts against, will not be fostering that harmony. In all cases, listen to your body.




If you find a particular herb or plant, or yogandha blend that resonates with an intention you set, we would love to hear about it.

Are you going to forget resolutions and set intentions this year?