Let’s get oiled up

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Let’s get oiled up

We love oil. In fact, we are obsessed. Using plant wisdom from vegetable or nut oils and the essential oils from the natural world is the basis for Yogandha (read more about our story here).

Using oils for self-massage is the perfect way to benefit from the sense of touch and the qualities of the oils you apply. In Ayurveda, this practice is referred to as Abhyanga. And it’s part of a daily practice for our wellbeing.

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Oil massage is wonderfully relaxing and you can massage yourself too

What are the benefits of oil massage?

  • Applying oil on the skin helps to moisturise it and keep it youthful and soft
  • It can be part of a cleansing ritual. Use the oil as a cleanser for body and face before or in the shower
  • It helps to nourish us. Vegetable and nut oils are nutrient rich, full of vitamins, unsaturated fats (which is super healthy) and high in antioxidants
  • It helps calm and ground us according to Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, oil massage reduces Vata Dosha. Increased Vata can manifest as anxiety, insomnia, dryness, roughness and constipation. Oil is the exact opposite and will create balance again

The soothing touch

Another benefit is touch. Touch is a sense we may not pay a lot of attention to but it is extremely important. Touch can help calm us. This is in line with the Ayurvedic concept of reducing Vata too. A loving caring touch can also increase the “feel good” or “love and bonding” hormone oxytocin.

We suggest that you massage yourself (or a loved one) with love, compassion and care. Allow the benefits of touch as well the qualities of the oils to infuse your whole being. Some traditions refer to oil massage as Snehana. This can be translated as both oleation as well as love.

Aromatic massage

Is it possible to enhance the effect of the massage even further? The answer is yes. Adding essential oils to your base oil adds additional benefits. First of all the essential oils will benefit you physically. For example, Yogandha Muscle Soothe contains ginger which is warming and eases aches and pains. It helps with digestion, chest complaints and is a heart tonic.

Another essential oil in Yogandha Muscle Soothe is marjoram. Marjoram is wonderful for achy muscles and tired limbs.

Essential oils also work through the olfactory system, the sense of smell. Applying the oils to the skin you benefit from the aromas of the essential oils. Citrus oils and oils from citrus trees like petitgrain are uplifting, joyful and wonderful for the nervous system. Petitgrain is another essential oil found in Yogandha Muscle Soothe.

Some of the plants you find in Yogandha Muscle Soothe Body Oil

Mixing the fixed base oil such as a vegetable or nut oil with the essential oils is the perfect way to enhance both physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Starting to incorporate Abhyanga or oil massage into your daily routine may help soothe an anxious mind, achy muscles, insomnia, even help your digestion and breathing. Enjoy your self-massage as a ritual or a meditation. An act of self care.

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