Hibernation, warmth and ginger

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Hibernation, warmth and ginger

As winter is approaching we naturally start to hibernate. We want to stay warm and cosy. And we need to conserve our energy.

One of our favourite essential oils for this hibernation period is ginger.

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Ginger is also an excellent spice to use in food, as a tea and in cakes (gingerbread, ginger cake or ginger biscuits, anyone?). The actual root is a perfect hibernation companion as our digestion tend to slow down in autumn and winter. Adding ginger, either chopping the root or ginger spice powder, to your meals will help a sluggish digestion.

But it is not only our digestion that can slow down at this time. We might also find ourselves feeling a little low and emotionally cold and flat. Hibernation is time to contemplate and be introspective. Not becoming depressed.

Our digestion, our mind and moods are definitely connected. We even refer to our stomach as our second brain. Ginger is probably the best spice confirming this connection. The warming and stimulating actions are appropriate for both mood and digestion.

Body, mind and mood

Ginger seems to not only awaken our appetite for food but also for life. It is stimulating and sharpens our mind. It warms our hearts and it grounds us.

If you feel weak and lacklustre it offers you an almost fearless quality giving you courage and stimulates you into action.

Inhaling a blend with a drop of ginger essential oil instantly warms you up on all levels.

Ginger is one of the essential oils you find in the warming Yogandha Muscle Soothe. It is added to stimulate and warm up our muscles and skin. Yet, it will also kindle your digestive fire as well as warm your heart and sharpen your mind.

Create instant warmth

On the cold winter days when you feel that hibernation has turned to feeling flat and uninspired squirt a few drops of Yogandha Muscle Soothe onto the palms of your hands.

  • Rub them together until they get warm.
  • Open the palms and take a deep inhale. Enjoy the aroma. Imagine the properties of the blend energise, stimulate and bring courage to you and your surroundings.

Do this anytime and anywhere. And add either, or all, of these rituals to enjoy even more ginger benefits:

  • You can sweep your hands a little away from your body. As if you are re-energising your energy field or aura.
  • Use Yogandha Muscle Soothe on your entire body to warm up both body and mind. Use vigorous strokes to stimulate the blood circulation which will warm up both your body and your mind.
  • Simply massage your feet with the warming oil. When massaging your feet you get grounded yet it also acts like a mini reflexology session supporting your entire being. This is a favourite after a refreshing walk on a cold autumn day!

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