essential oils for allergy and hives

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Essential oils for allergy and hives

itchy skin, raised red bumps and skin discomfort due to hives and allergic reactions can be one of the most irritating and uncomfortable experiences. and we make it even worse by starting to scratch that itch. today we will explore how essential oils can help hives.

what are skin irritations and hives?

first of all, let’s look at what hives actually are. hives manifest as raised red itchy bumps anywhere on the skin. they can even group together and form plaques making an even more intense sensation. the itch gets worse on touch. this may be you scratching them or simply clothes touching.

hives are a reaction to something our immune system doesn’t agree with or we have become allergic to. we are currently in spring and early summer where a lot of allergens are flying around. pollen season has arrived and if our immune system doesn’t agree with certain pollens it can cause hives. 

it is not only pollen that can cause hives. it may be a reaction to a medication, allergy shots, certain foods or pets. infections may also manifest as skin irritations. heat through exercise or excessive sweating can be a cause too.

if you have a super stressful lifestyle, if you are burned out or exhausted this too will lower the immune system and again can manifest with skin irritations such as hives.

essential oil home remedies for hives

our focus is to reduce heat and irritation. one thing you might already have in your kitchen cupboard is oats. plain, not treated, regular oats. they are extremely soothing and calming on the skin. create a relaxing bath using this simple ingredient.

oat and essential oil baths

  • you need a cup of plain oats and either a muslin cloth, a pair of tights or socks.
  • additionally, we highly recommend using specific essential oils for their antiallergenic or relaxing qualities. we love Relax Body Oil which is super calming for the skin (and mind) or Detox Body Oil as it contains antiallergenic essential oils such as fennel and lemongrass.
  • if you use the essential oil blends squirt the blend onto the oats and mix it well.
  • put the oat mixture into the sock, tights or muslin cloth and either put it in the bath or attach it to the tap whilst the warm water runs. you want the bath to be a nice temperature. it can be warm and soothing but don’t run it too hot. the skin is already heated and irritated and we want to soothe it.
  • enjoy resting in the oat milk bath, breathe and practise a meditative approach to the urge to scratch.

antihive paste

in this remedy, we are using regular baking soda. another kitchen cupboard treasure for the skin.

mix a few drops of either Relax Body Oil or Detox Body Oil into the baking soda and apply to the area affected by hives.

you can also use pure essential oils. choose the super soothing and gentle high-quality essential oils such as lavender or frankincense.

aromatherapy blends for hives and allergies

using essential oils in witch hazel is another wonderful, cooling and soothing remedy.

another yogandha favourite is our Ground Roll-on. this one you can carry around with you and apply directly to the hives. plus it helps you calm down too!

acute versus chronic hives and reactions

these are remedies that you can use to soothe and release any acute irritations and hives. however, if your skin reaction is a symptom of something more chronic you need to start looking at the root causes. is it a stressful lifestyle that needs to be addressed? or is it an allergen that can be removed or avoided?

if you have any medical conditions or if you are pregnant please always consult your medical consultant before using essential oils and speak to a qualified aromatherapist. this information is purely for education and is not medical advice. always get professional advice when dealing with allergies.