Ayurvedic balancing with Gandha

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Ayurvedic balancing with Gandha

Ayurvedic Balancing

Ayurveda is an ancient system of mind-body health. Its medicinal arm of Yoga. Yoga was outlined in the Vedas. It views medicine as much more that the treatment of disease – it offers a complete system of wellness. Ayurveda literally means science/knowledge/wisdom of life. As the name also suggests, it comes directly from the Vedas.

Ayurveda is spoken of in the The Atharva Veda (the last of the 4 vedas) where it outlines a view of a constitution of the body along with diet, herbal treatments and breathing that brings the body into balance with our surroundings. It's important to note that Ayurveda differs greatly from western medicine in that it is primarily based on the principle of the mind-body connection and the deep belief in ability of the mind to heal the body.

Thus Ayurvedic health has 3 steps

  1. The development of our own awareness & consciousness
  2. Bringing the mind into balance
  3. Extending that balance into our bodies
But these steps are not ABC as above, one after the other – ticking one off, then moving seamlessly to the next. As Jungian psychologist Naomi Stadlen points out – our western minds are very programmed to want things to work in this way, draw a line under part one, feed a definite sense of achievement, move on to part two. It’s not like that.

What we actually experience (so if you feel this – it does not mean you are doing it wrong!) it is a constant cycling through the stages – with each stage feeding into the other, sometimes happening concurrently, sometimes evolving quickly, sometimes having great moments of clarity, sometimes feeling like all is fuzzy and you don’t know where you’re at with balance, with wellness, with anything. But if you are on this path – be assured that your consciousness is expanding, your awareness is growing and you are where you are meant to be. Trust in the process.

The development of our own awareness & consciousness begins with our yoga and mindfulness practice. We need to

1. Strengthen our own practice - practicing regularly with self-awareness.

2. Bring that awareness into our every day.

Gandha - fragrant ritual - can help with both. It can deepen the state of consciousness we reach in our yoga practice. And, when we use eg Yogandha Ground when we are out and about, it will bring us into a moment of pure presence, when we can self-connect and be deeply aware of our state of mind. The full Yogandha range was created precisely to bring Ayurvedic balance into your every day.