Detoxing unhealthy beliefs

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Detoxing unhealthy beliefs

In our previous blog, we did an exercise trying to discover our values. In this blog, we are going a little deeper. We are digging deep, contemplating and meditating.

For this, we like to start by getting out our yogandha ground roll-on. Apply it on your wrists, take a deep inhale and exhale. Add a bit to your temples and eyebrow centre.

Write down what you are ready to detox from your life

yogandha ground roll-on is such a wonderfully grounding oil. It contains vetiver which truly brings stillness to our minds and connection to the ground. It also contains sandalwood which has long been used for meditation and contemplation.

Take a few moments to ground yourself. Feel your body. Breathe deeply.

Now let’s start to detox any beliefs that no longer serve us

You chose your own values doing the exercise in our last blog. But how many beliefs and values are completely unconscious? Beliefs you simply adhere to because that is "how it’s always been", or "how my family is", or "my culture", "my work environment"… The list is endless. So much of what we think is completely unconscious. Many of our beliefs or values may be useful. Some might have had a purpose but are no longer relevant. Others have never had a positive motive.

Now you know your chosen values have you recognised some negative habitual values? Values or beliefs that you are ready to let go of?

Write down your negative beliefs or even start a journal to reflect.

This is not an easy practice. Some of our beliefs have been with us since childhood. You might have been told to "be a nice girl", or "girls don’t behave like that". Now you are grown up, no longer a girl but a woman - yet there is still that voice inside telling you to be a nice little girl. Or perhaps you have always learned to "man up" and "boys don’t cry". Now you are a grown man, you recognise your emotions, strengths and vulnerabilities but there is still something holding you back.

These are two very stereotypical old beliefs that are outdated and we can detox them from our new improved value system.

But our old unhelpful beliefs might be much more subtle than that too.

Detoxing outdated beliefs and values is an ongoing process. Start by noticing what you do/think/say out of habit. Question your habits and refer back to your chosen values. Do they align? Or is it time to detox that habit? Perhaps use your journal to reflect.

Time to let go of outdated beliefs

Here is a little ritual to release old beliefs

  • For detox, whether mental, energetic or physical, we love detox Oil. Apply a bit of the oil on your body and take a deep breath in. And exhale it all out.
  • Write your old belief or beliefs on a piece of paper
  • Give thanks for whatever purpose that belief may have held
  • Say goodbye and release it
  • Find a place where it’s safe to burn the paper
  • Again offer gratitude and thanks

When we start to contemplate these old beliefs it's important not to get stuck again, blame, judge or overanalyse. That's why we create a ritual to let them go - even just mentally or with an exhale when they arise.