Ditch overwhelm with an expectation-detox - part 1

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Ditch overwhelm with an expectation-detox - part 1

This isn’t really the time for detox. Not the time for detox as we usually think of it: detoxing from sugar, unwholesome fats, comfort food or alcohol, anyway. Autumn and winter are times of nourishment and nurturing. However, the festive holiday period and Christmas are excellent times to detox from expectations. Expectations from ourselves and others.

Expectations often bring with it feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, fraught or aggravation. Especially as we move towards the holidays, Christmas shopping, the preparing of food, Christmas parties, presents and of course Christmas dinner.

What this means for you and how it affects you

There are two branches to this:

  • First, what do you expect of yourself over the coming holiday period?
  • Second, what do you expect of others?

If you’re primarily feeling overwhelmed you are probably having unrealistically high expectations of yourself. How you are “supposed” to behave, look and what you want to accomplish?

If traditionally Christmas and the festive season is a time of aggravation then you have to work with the expectations of others. Are your expectations of others unrealistic and unreasonable?

What they have in common is that these expectations usually fall short, we or they don’t live up to our expectations. We get disappointed, angry, sad or upset.

Your time to investigate and start your expectation detox

Get a piece of paper out and start to write down:

  1. What do I expect from myself this festive season? Write down anything that comes to mind. Are you clinging to a picture of yourself as the perfect host, always ready with homemade mince pies and Christmas food - even when someone turns up unexpectedly? Do you expect that your home is always super clean and tidy? That you have the perfect present for everyone?
  2. Where do these expectations come from? Are they internal because you see yourself as being a perfectionist and you value these qualities. Do they come from external expectations?
  3. This season how do you presume other people will behave? What are you expecting from your spouse, partner, children, family and friends?

Now, look at the lists. Read through them with self-love and compassion. Probably you will notice that some of these ideals are totally unrealistic. Both what you expect from yourself and how you want others to behave.

Sometimes when we write things down we can see the enormity much more clearly. So go ahead, be kind and caring and now cross out half of each list. Give yourself (and others) a compassionate break. Detox from these expectations and let them go.

Expectation detox ritual

Use Detox Body Oil to underpin the letting go and detox. The aromatherapy will help support this practice. Use it in the shower in the morning as an anchoring of detoxing from expectations and add a squirt to your hands at night to remind you of the letting go. And above all practise gratitude and compassion.