How to make dry shampoo

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How to make dry shampoo

Did you know that you can use Yogandha products in everyday essentials? We've come up with some really simple recipes using Yogandha oils that anyone can make at home saving you money, saving your skin and saving the planet.

Homemade dry shampoo

Does it take you too long to wash and dry your hair? Are you trying to get more days between washes? Do you want to avoid commercial shampoos that are harsh on your hairs natural oils? Or are you just trying to find ways to save a few pennies?

We have found a solution for everyone! A simple way to dry wash your hair with recipes using natural ingredients found in any home or supermarket.


The beauty of dry shampoo

We’re all about using natural ingredients and essential oils, but like many others we have woken up late for work one morning and realised our hair has gone from “oily enough that my style will hold” to “yes it has been days since my hair has had a good wash”.

Our problems were solved with the invention of dry shampoo, just one problem…chemicals! The idea of dry shampoo is to put an oil absorbing substance on the oily parts of your hair and voila- brand new do! However commercial dry shampoo contains butane, isobutene and propane, which are highly flammable and essentially liquefied gases, not for us, thanks!

So here are some really simple, natural dry shampoo recipes for dark or light hair. And the beauty of them is you can add whatever scent you like - hooray!

Essential Oils

Essential oils 


Yogandha's Dry shampoo for light hair:

¼ cup of cornstarch

1-2 teaspoons of Yogandha Detox

pepper shaker or old make up brush (to apply)

Mix the cornstarch and oil in a bowl. Shake through a sieve to ensure the oil has fully mixed in & no lumps. Store in a jar or anything with a lid.

Apply using an old make up brush- just dip the brush gently into the mixture and brush lightly over the roots of your hair. Alternatively, you can put your mixture in an old salt/pepper shaker and shake onto the roots of your hair.

 Yogandha's Dry shampoo for dark hair:

2 tbsp cocoa powder

2 tbsp cornstarch

1-2 teaspoons of Yogandha Detox

pepper shaker or old make up brush (to apply)

Follow the method as before.

Tip: application with the make up brush works well, we recommend rubbing it in gently with your fingers afterwards to ensure all of the powder is absorbed.

The finished product

The finished product


Which Yogandha Oil to use?

We used Yogandha Detox for it's fresh uplifting nature and benefits. It also helps if the reason you don't have the time or energy to wash your hair is because you were out partying the night before!

If you only have Yogandha Muscle soothe or Yogandha Relax to hand, they can be used instead as they also bring lots of health and wellness to your day!


                                  Juniper berry


Would you like to see posts like this become a monthly feature? Have you tried making dry shampoo? How do you feel about putting cocoa in your hair? Any alternative methods or recipes?

Share them with us; we love hearing your feedback.