Wash your mouth out! Oil Pulling for bad mothers...

Posted by Sinead Duffy on

Wash your mouth out! Oil Pulling for bad mothers...
I never curse in front of my children. The worst thing I EVER heard my mother day was ‘Jesus, Mary and Joseph’ when she dropped the entire week’s shopping. And I remember it vividly. Back of the maroon Fiat 127. I wanted the same for my kids, and I was doing really well, but a couple of weeks ago I cursed in ALL CAPS.Because I do curse in work. In fact I really enjoy cursing.  And I love to hear some clever word gymnastics with a perfectly placed expletive.
So I had been keeping it segmented. And I am increasingly wondering about the mind-body balance in a life-segmented. Coherence is the cornerstone of happiness. It’s controversial, especially in this ‘always on’ world (which I don’t hang with) but I am striving to blur the distinction between ‘work’ and ‘not-work’.  Stemming from the belief that if you follow your heart, it’s within our scope to be having a good time all the time. I believe doing anything else means you’ve taken a wrong turn along the way.
But that’s not what prompted my 4-letter frenzy. I was packing to go to the Om  Yoga Show and it wasn’t going well. I had a tussle with a zip and I let it know how I felt. And my son’s mouth dropped. The illusion shattered.
As I continue to ponder on the un-segmenting my life – the merits and fall-out…I decided to go and wash my mouth out. I am very humble when it comes to old imperatives. Washing your mouth out yoga-style is called Oil pulling. Oil pulling is an easy daily ritual that has an extraordinary cleansing effect on the mouth, teeth and whole body. The benefits include whiter teeth, Healthier gums, clarity of mind, sinuses, skin, improves allergies, headaches, energy levels, sleep.
We are planning to do an oil-pulling challenge later in the year – so if you’d like to hear more about that sign up here.