The cyclical year

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The cyclical year

What does it mean to live according to the natural wellness cycles? And why does it matter?

Hint: because it makes wellness so much easier.

Everything is cyclical: the universe has its cycle, the seasons, the moon and the monthly cycle, the sun and the daily cycle. The seasons. Nature is cyclical and it affects our body.

A crucial cycle is our sleep cycle. We have a bit of a sleep crisis with many people experiencing insomnia and generally just not sleeping or resting enough. Honouring our cycles such as sleep, the 24-hour rhythm, the monthly cycle and seasonal cycles we tune into the importance of sleep. It’s such a vital part of our wellness.

When we start to live cyclically it makes everything so much easier. Struggles fall away. And we develop a deeper sense of awareness. In fact, as we start to live according to nature and her cycles, which are our cycles too, we become in tune with our inner voice. Our nature.

We specifically like to use Yogandha Oils to tap into this intuition and sense of awareness. We explore this in details in the Yogandha Year where we support you in the cyclical process using oils in line the seasons, delivered directly to your door, we and our network support you in setting your wellness intentions and visions. We'd love you to join: have a look at all the benefits here.

Tapping into our wellness decisions

Anyone who has been pregnant knows they make better wellness decisions. This is largely due to more this additional awareness, our inner voice. Not just because of the responsibility for the pregnancy and our unborn baby or babies. But because we just know. This is also the time the sense of smell has increased.

The sense of smell is connected to the sense of inner knowing.

When we connect with the cycles of nature and our own cycles we become more empowered. Not just through the inner awareness but because we have the support of nature.

Letting the seasons guide you

We have previously discussed how January might not be the best time for detox and new years resolutions simply because nature doesn’t really support these actions. Rather winter is the time of hibernation and reflection. Living with the cycles gives us the opportunity to say no. No to the constant pressure of social media or going out. Or even the pressure of starting a diet or exercise regime. We know that our body is more supported to do this at a different time in the yearly cycle.

In honour of this and to support you to connect with the cyclic year we have just launched the Yogandha Year. If you want to be part of our special case studies make sure you sign up for the full year and send us a message stating “case study” so we can follow your progress and the impact living with scent and the cycles truly have.

What is the Yogandha Year?

Our sacred meditative blends arrive exactly when the earth is naturally prompting you to this aspect of wellbeing and you are welcomed on this earth-supported seasonal journey into a deeper sense of wellbeing.

This is what you get:

  • Our oils in line with the seasons - wellness delivered!
  • PLUS personal support in setting your Wellness Intentions and Vision
  • PLUS a Wellness accountability buddy to keep each Intention on track
  • PLUS access to our private FB group on using oils for yoga & wellness
  • PLUS a monthly private online gathering (Satsang)
  • 5% of profits go to Women for Women International

Pre-pay the full year to get one-on-one wellness goal-setting session with Sinead.

We want to you get all the juicy details so please read through this link where you learn a bit more about the cycles and the accompanying oils.

Join us on our journey through the year