Nourish your energy

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Nourish your energy

In Yogic and Ayurvedic philosophy we talk about the different movements of energy, or Prana, in our being. It’s energetic anatomy which also affects us on a physical level.

Most traditional medicines and cultures have a concept of energy. A life-force or vital energy that is more than just oxygen. It is our aliveness and vitality. In Yoga and Ayurveda, it is referred to as Prana. Similarly, we hear about Chi or Qi in Chinese medicine. In the Western world, we talk about a life force energy - or simply energy.

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The 5 directions of Prana

According to Ayurveda, there are 5 main directions of Prana in our being. These are referred to a Vayu, translated as wind:

  • Prana Vayu: Is the inhale located in the lungs and chest. It is the “forward moving air”.
  • Samana Vayu: Is the balancing breath at the navel and lower belly. It is responsible for digestion on all levels: food, emotions and impressions.
  • Udana Vayu: Is the upward moving air. It’s our speech, coughing and expression. It also keeps us upright and is our ability to stand up.
  • Vyana Vayu: Is about our circulation on all levels and throughout our body.
  • Apana Vayu: Is the exhale. It’s located at the pelvis and responsible for elimination. It moves down and out.

Balance your energy

All five Pranas, or Vayus, need to be balanced to create health and well-being. But if Apana Vayu is out of balance then all the other Vayus will also become imbalanced. So let’s look at Apana Vayu in more detail.

May the downward moving energy be nourished

If Apana is nourished and healthy we can start to create balance in our whole being. This is one of the reasons we chose the above Mantra when Yogandha Ground Rollerball blend was created. In Sanskrit, the Mantra is Apanam Dhehi.

The essential oils chosen for Yogandha Ground Rollerball is specifically to support Apana’s natural ability to ground us with its downward flow.

Yogandha Ground Rollerball include amongst other essential oils:

  • Mindful Sandalwood relaxes and soothes - calming irritations, mental and physical, including the strongest of headaches.
  • Frankincense slows and deepens the breath inducing a feeling of peace
  • Vetiver comes from a deep-rooted Indian grass; plants with deep roots ground and earth us. Known as the 'oil of tranquillity', it has sedative and calming qualities

All these essential oils help to stop the mental chatter and stress and bring our energy down and out.

Downward moving energy

Apana is responsible for elimination not just on a physical level (urination, stools, even ejaculation, menstruation and birth) but also on a mental and emotional level.

We love using this specific Mantra of Apanam Dhehi or May the downward moving energy be nourished when we apply our Yogandha Ground Rollerball to enhance the effects of the specialised blend and our wellbeing.

Apanam Dhehi, May the downward moving energy be nourished

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