Grounding and Earthing

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Grounding and Earthing

Although we can interpret being grounded in many ways here is a definition published in Journal of Environmental and Public Health:

Earthing (also known as grounding) refers to contact with the Earth's surface electrons by walking barefoot outside or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors connected to conductive systems, some of them patented, that transfer the energy from the ground into the body.

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The benefits of earthing include:

  • better sleep
  • reduced pain
  • reducing inflammation
  • reduces primary indicators of osteoporosis

For this, we need to be out in nature, barefoot and connect to the Earth (or use the conductive systems which are referred to in the study). But Mother Nature always knows best. The best way to to get these benefits is to enjoy the parks, the forest, the fields and the common. Go out in the garden and for a few moments feel the bare soles of your feet on the soil or grass.

Fresh air, seeing plants, trees and the horizon also contribute to our wellness - especially our mood and emotions.

On an energetic level, the element of Earth is associated with the sense of smell and our nose. In that way, we can get grounded by using our sense organ, the nose, and the sense of smell.

Using aroma can ground us and calm us down. Yogandha Ground Rollerball was created specifically with essential oils that enhance the sense of being grounded:

  • Mindful Sandalwood relaxes and soothes - calming irritations, mental and physical, including the strongest of headaches
  • Frankincense slows and deepens the breath inducing a feeling of peace
  • Vetiver comes from a deep-rooted Indian grass; plants with deep roots ground and earth us. Known as the 'oil of tranquillity', it has sedative and calming qualities
  • This blend also contains Cedarwood, Lavender and Black Pepper

Sense of touch and being grounded

Using oil on the skin and the sense of touch has the extra benefits of calming down the element of air according to Ayurveda. So if you are feeling anxious, light headed and ungrounded applying oil onto the skin is a wonderful way to also get grounded.

We love using Yogandha Relax Body Oil to relax and wind down. If you don’t have time to apply your whole body just massage your feet. The feet are what connects us to the Earth and help to ground us.

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