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dry skin? Let’s oil it up

Is your skin a bit flaky or rough? Perhaps it feels tight or has dry patches. Dry skin can occur anywhere on our body and face. When we have dry skin it can appear dull and dry skin can also age prematurely.

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Your beliefs determine your reality

This is actually a truly empowering idea. It may be daunting but you can change your beliefs and experience your reality very differently. However, repeating an affirmation or making a vision board is not always enough. We actually truly need to believe it, feel it and most importantly our subconscious mind needs to be convinced too.

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Detoxing on every level

Everything is connected. Body, mind and spirit. 🕉️ When we start to detox old limiting or destructive beliefs we start to take better care of ourselves. Maybe we start to exercise or spend more time in nature. Or we start to cook more nourishing food. Or when we start to detox unhealthy foods from our diet it may also create a clearer mind, perhaps we even start to declutter our home!

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