which oil is called 'the mother of oils'?

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which oil is called 'the mother of oils'?

this weekend it's mothers day in this part of the world! I was wondering if you knew which oil is called the 'mother of oils'. you can possibly guess...

which oil is quietly multi-functioning? in fact, does more than most other oils combined... is a catalyst that settles almost every situation... pulls together extremes - bringing all back to centre. 


(= one of the reasons it's used in so many blends - where a blend feels a bit unbalanced or 'edgy' - it immediately harmonises). and pretty much everybody loves it?

yes - it's sweet and gentle lavender

like mothers - it rarely gets much fanfare. it's not an attention-grabbing top note, or a gravitas-wielding bottom note. it's the quintessential middle note

a deeply steadying influence on blends and mind and body

it just quietly fixes everything

my favourite quote about lavender is that "it reminds us of the sacredness of ordinary things". which is a good mother metaphor I feel. what not many people know about lavender is that if you use the pure undiluted essential oil excessively - all of its properties reverse. more does not mean more relaxing. using too much will be unsettling and unbalancing. mothers simply can't be taken for granted, eh?


so when you're applying any of my oils (yes, there's lavender in pretty much all of them- see above!). let's remember that sacredness

stay well, 


ps. our for her set is full of lavender - with a bit of jasmine thrown in for good measure