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Yogandha For Her

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I've called this set for gifting (or self-gifting!) 'for her' because for me, its the two oils that no woman should be without.  
yogandha balance helps to even out the hormonal rollercoaster.  
And yogandha relax - for that bath, foot-bath, massage or self-massage that's just all about minding yourself. I use yogandha relax every single night as a face oil too - for the frankincense content. 
Deep self-care for body and mind. 

  • yogandha relax body oil

    Deep and rich Lavender and Vetiver essential oils transport to a place of deep relaxation and calm. Will help restful and deep sleep.


    • Frankincense essential oil is known as the oil of transformation, it has the ability to slow and deepen breath and will produce a feeling of calm
    • Blue Chamomile essential oil can be quite hypnotic in large doses. It's comforting, restorative and relaxing and it has sedative qualities – great for treating headache and insomnia
    • Clary Sage essential oil balances the pituitary gland – the master gland of the body
    • Vetiver essential oil is known as the oil of tranquility. Vetiver is sedative to the mind and body, it is soothing calming and grounding
    • Vitamin E oil promotes healing and is deeply nourishing to the skin
    • Sesame oil is rich in Vitamin E which acts as a natural sunscreen, it will detoxify, moisturise and protect against ageing
    • Sweet almond oil is used in many baby skin care products. It is rich in vitamins A, B and E which are great for maintaining skin health and moisture levels

    •  yogandha balance rollerball

      Divine Jasmine and refreshing Cypress essential oils will balance at every level, particularly hormonally.



      • Jasmine essential oil is known as the ‘king of oils’, contradictory to its feminine scent. It is balancing at the very deepest level
      • Cypress essential oil is balancing to all of the fluids in the body, it is relaxing and comforting. At the more subtle level Cypress essential oil balances prana (chi…energy…the force…)
      • Clary Sage essential oil balances the pituitary gland – the master gland of the body
      • Coriander contains phyto-estrogen, a plant-based substance similar to the body’s estrogen. Very useful for hormonal balance

      • Apply yogandha relax all over for an immediate and deep relaxation. High Frankincense content provides incredible skin-rejuvenating properties making this an anti-aging face oil. Suitable for massaging kids – will help them to sleep and great for bonding too. Turns a bath into a deeply hypnotic sleep-inducing ritual.
        Mantra:pratistham dhehi (may I rest in that nourishment)

        Apply yogandha balance to temples, neck and wrists when you need balance, particularly hormonally. You will find yourself in a new state of mind
        Chakra: This oil has an affinity with the swadisthana (sacral) chakra
        Mantra: vyanam dhehi (may the circulating energy be nourished)

        Cautions: External use only. Not suitable for pregnancy. Clary sage has been known to exaggerate the effects of alcohol on the body. Every herb in here is this blend is an aphrodisiac!

        Use within 6 months of opening. 125ml, 10ml



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