9 best essential oils for dry skin and hands

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9 best essential oils for dry skin and hands

essential oils are absolutely perfect for skin care, in fact, there’s an essential oil for every skin type and every skin issue. at present, we are all washing our hands with soap and water more frequently than usual. while this is great for removing germs, it’s not so great on our skin. this is where essential oils can help. 

at yogandha, all our products included very carefully selected natural essential oils, all infused in specifically blended base oils. no dry skin here!

we have three special body oil blends (muscle soothe, relax and detox) each works to soothe and nurture dry skin. we even recommend yogandha relax to use on the face, just apply a small amount all over before applying your usual moisturiser (bonus: it smells divine!)

did you know, aromatherapy is actually very effective for nourishing dry skin?

essential oils are the volatile oils derived from plant material usually by distillation. they are highly fragrant, concentrated and get great results. however, we never use them neat on the skin (they would be too harsh), we instead mix and dilute them with carrier oils such as almond, coconut or rose-hip seed oil. essential oils can also be mixed with your favourite lotion, shower gel or bath product.

essential oils provide perfect nourishment for thirsty skin. surprisingly, water is very drying to the skin. with frequent hand washing, we must replace the lost moisture back into the skin, beyond the epidermis (the top layer of skin).

unlike hand creams and lotions, oil can penetrate deep down into the layers of the skin for true hydration.why should you use essential oils on the skin?
natural essential oils are also antimicrobial and antibacterial to boot, some are even anti-fungal. an all-round winner in skin hydration!


the top 9 essential oils for dry skin

1. chamomile - one of the best anti-inflammatory essential oils, chamomile oil is super soothing, nourishing and calming. an ideal essential oil for dry and sensitive skin. ideal for: sensitive skin

2. frankincense - this oil was used in skin care by the ancient egyptians. frankincense oil is so good at preserving the skin, it was used in mummification! It is highly regarded for cellular regeneration and to even out skin tone. great for: cellular regeneration and even skin tone. find frankincense in relax and ground.


3. rose - a beautiful fragrance and very feminine. rose oil is brilliant for skin care as it soothes, calms and balances. you often see a combination of rose, frankincense and geranium for balancing the skin, and the spirit. benefits: soothing and calming the skin

4. geranium – the perfect balancer. geranium oil balances the skin, our hormones and our mood. it is slightly astringent and tones the skin. being anti-inflammatory it soothes the skin and minimises redness. great for: balancing and toning

5. lavender – another balancer for body, mind and our skin. lavender oil is extremely calming and soothing. benefits: calm and sooth the skin, body and mind. find lavender in relax, ground and balance.

6. myrrh – a fantastic anti-ageing essential oil. myrrh oil is protecting, has anti antioxidant properties and may help protect against uv damage while reducing fine lines and wrinkles and supporting youthful skin. it is also used for scaring. benefits: anti-aging, can protect against uv light. find myrrh in ground and balance.

7. sandalwood – an extremely calming oil for our skin and our minds. sandalwood oil is perfect for dry irritated and inflamed skin. ideal for: dry, irritated or inflamed skin. find sandalwood in ground.

8. helichrysum - known for its potential anti-ageing and scar reducing benefits. helichrysum oil is very hydrating for the skin. there’s also the potential benefit for it to help block uv damage to the skin. great for: anti-aging and reducing the appearance of scars

9. carrot seed – carrot seed oil is more of a carrier oil rather than an essential oil, but it’s still fantastic. carrot seed oil has a wonderful colour that gives our skin a healthy glow and is very moisturising for the skin. ideal for: moistening with a natural tint.

if you are suffering from dry skin, you can make a mix of any of our top 9 essential oils and create a natural remedy for dry skin and dry hands. 

we recommend keeping a bottle of relax beside your sink and use it immediately after washing your hands. rub it all over as you do for washing. not only will it prevent your hands from drying out, but you will benefit from its anti-microbial and immune-boosting properties. 




if you have any medical condition or if you are pregnant please always consult your medical consultant before using essential oils and speak to a qualified aromatherapist. this information is purely for education and is not medical advice.