a gentle 14 day detox

Posted by Sinead Duffy on

a gentle 14 day detox

here's a gentle 14 day detox that's perfect for this time of year - especially when paired with our feel restored set.

the best thing is - if you already have the set - you should have everything you need at home already. 

we're going to pull together a morning detox ritual set, to do every day for 14 days - if you stick to it - you're going to feel vibrant and ready for whatever 2021 has in plan for you!

1. when you wake up - go straight to the bathroom and brush your tongue (or scrape if you have a tongue scraper) then do some oil pulling - take some coconut, sesame or sunflower and swill it around all parts of your mouth for 3-5 mins. Gargle, then spit it out.

2. prepare two hot drinks - one is pure warm water - the other is either a herbal tea or a hot lemon water. drink the pure water first, then the second drink. this sets the day up for a lot of hydration. while you're sipping - journal a little - having a written detox ritual gets the mind in alignment with the body.

apply yogandha salute to clarify your thoughts (and help stimulate the liver) and then write down some self-limiting beliefs - some negative traits you believe you hold - and then reframe them - look for examples in your life where you found that these did not hold true - and replace these self-limiting beliefs with empowering ones. This is a self-judgement detox - and if you can do this every morning - your entire body will let go of a lot of what you just don't need!

3. have a short bespoke yoga practice prepared the day before - a simple series of postures you're already familiar with - don't worry about perfection - your body has the wisdom it needs to stretch safely. If you know cleansing breathwork - start with that. include

- gentle forward bends (give the kidneys a warm rub through your back as you're forward folding

- gentle back and side bends

- cobra or any pose that will lengthen the gut and apply gentle pressure to the abdomen

- lots of twists

4. then do body brushing - squirt yogandha detox onto your brush and do a full body brush - reinforcing the letting go. a full self-massage per day is absolutely needed - though whether you do morning or night doesn't matter. each movement feel yourself massaging in your new empowering beliefs. bedding them down like seedlings.

5. for bath or shower - try mixing things up from the usual routine as this work is about getting unstuck. if you always bathe in the morning - do it at night. If you always shower - take baths (if you can) if you can't take baths - have a foot bath. anything to knock you off your usual routine to get the mind and body ready for new patterning and possibilities.

6. before your breakfast - take a half a teaspoon of turmeric with a dash of black pepper - can just be in water, or in warmed oat milk if you prefer. then avoid all sugars all day - avoid processed foods and alcohol completely. eat light - eat dark greens, you know what your body craves when you're in your proper self-lovin' self - and whatever your 11am cuppa thinks - it's not biscuits - so mix this ritual up too giving yourself the best chance to avoid temptation. try mindful eating - wait till you're hungry to eat. eat slowly and consciously. if any bad food habits pop up - have compassion for them, but show them the door.

other detox rituals to add if you like:

- eat your main meal during the day - will lead to far healthier digestion and better sleep

- switch out caffeinated drinks for good green tea

- chew on two cloves of garlic before bed (do possibly run this by anyone who may be sharing your bed..)

- put detoxing oils in your diffuser to clear your space - sweet fennel, lemongrass and juniperberry - all of these are in yogandha detox - so you don't have to diffuse - just squirt on your hands multiple times per day, cup your hands to your face and inhale deeply - (then give your core a quick rub if you can access it)

to juice or not to juice? as long as you're putting the right veg and fruit in the juice it can be fine - but remember most fruits are very sugar-rich so for these 14 days it's not ideal. and as i mentioned last week - juices cannot cleanse the liver - simply because juice contains no fats - and the liver and gallbladder need fats to excrete - they just can't shift toxins without fat. so do feel free to drink juice, just limit the sugar and know that it's not actually cleansing to the liver

if you're thinking - when am I going to have time for all that? - just pick the parts that you can do - make up your own ritual from 3-5 of these practices - making it your own is key. it's easier to get up earlier these days - which is why it's detox season - so use that time! just stick to it for 14 days and see how you feel!