how to love your feet?

Posted by Sinead Duffy on

how to love your feet?

I hear a lot of yogandha customers saying that they don't love their feet. we tend to cram them into tight shoes, pound around on them and only really give them attention when they are complaining loudly, and as if that wasn't bad enough - there is a huge amount of negative emotion being direct down there. 

foot shaming! no part of the body should have to put up with that mental and physical treatment! but it's also pretty easy to start an upward virtuous cycle. 

if you start giving your feet some love - then you'll start feeling more positive toward them, which will lead to giving them more love and soon you'll have very happy feet. this is right on so many levels because seven out of ten people develop foot problems - and many of them are totally preventable. 

feet just need love. here's some simple ways to start...

if you have a yoga practice, add in stretching up into your tippy toes and gentle foot rotations into your standing postures

if you don't have a practice - just do that as you're cooking

1. play with using the muscles in the foot in ways you don't usually use - stretch the toes out in different directions

2. see how the dexterity of your toes compares with that of your hands - can you raise some toes while the rest stay on the floor?

3. play with it - try picking things up off the floor with your feet instead of your hands

4. keep an eye on your alignment - does your weight fall on your outer feet or inner? the balls or the heels? if you're not sure - often checking the soles of well worn shoes is a giveaway.

5. if you get to a beach this summer - check your footprints to see the impression you make - and what way your feet point when you land

I'm happy to say I also hear customers say they use yogandha oils to send good loving to their feet. mostly I hear yogandha relax is used to give a relaxing nightly foot massage.

as essential oils are antibacterial, anti-microbial, anti-inflamatory and even anti-fungal - this makes this particular practice right in very many ways. the physical benefits for the muscles and the notoriously dry skin are obvious, but the psychological benefits are huge too. 

rubbing pure love into the feet will increase your good feelings towards them

putting them in the best position to be two of your best friends for life, and they're worth it - a happy body can only really be stacked on happy feet!