Dry brushing

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Dry brushing

What is it and what are the benefits?

Our skin is the largest organ in the body. Its permeable and is able to both absorb and release. In a way its one of the primary organs of detoxification.

What we put into the body (e.g. food) is often reflected in our skin. With veins, arteries and capillaries close the skin surface we have incredible blood supply here. So if there are loads of toxins in your blood it will be reflected in the skin.

Our lymphatic system is also close to the skin. This is part of our immune system and a healthy lymphatic system is a key to our wellbeing.

So how do we keep the skin healthy?

There are many ways. An obvious one is not putting anything toxic on the skin. This is why we are using yogandha Oils on our body as they are pure and contain no nasties. See our blog on "What not to wear" when it comes to our skin and beauty products.

We know diet is important. And we love skin brushing as a way to stimulate and exfoliate.

What are the benefits of skin brushing?

  1. It feels amazing. Doing this first thing in the morning wakes up our body and mind better than any espresso. You simply feel alive and awake.
  2. Sloughs off dead skin, keeping skin looking and feeling fresher, more youthful, and brighter
  3. Can help prevent ingrown hairs
  4. Increases blood circulation bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin
  5. Reduces cellulite – which is just accumulated material in the body’s fat cells
  6. Boosts the lymphatic system – this is the body’s defence system
  7. Eliminates clogged pores
  8. Helps with muscle tone
  9. It’s a tonic to the nervous system. It stimulates the nerve endings in the skin and you feel this benefit right away
  10. Finally, when you practise skin brushing as part of your wellness ritual it creates a spiral of feeling good

How to practise dry skin brushing

  • Undress and be in a warm space like the bathroom
  • The pressure doesn’t need to be hard at all. You are brushing your skin not giving yourself a deep tissue massage.
  • Use long sweeping strokes. You can use circular motions where that feels right such as the hips and abdomen.
  • Go gentle in areas with thinner more sensitive skin
  • Don’t skip over areas of lymph – e.g. back of the knees and under the arms
  • Never brush over damaged/inflamed/sunburned skin
  • Start at the bottom with your feet and ankles
  • Using long strokes up the legs
  • Work towards the heart
  • Include your hands and move up towards the shoulders and neck
  • For the back use the long handle or practise your Gomukasana arms. Alternate with your hands to find the right variation

How to choose a brush:

  • Use a natural bristle – not synthetic
  • Should be soft but firm
  • NOT too hard – the skin should never be scratched or damaged
  • Long or short handle so you can reach your back
  • Being able to hang it after use is useful

When should you do dry skin brushing?

The best time is in the morning to wake up the body and mind. It’s stimulating in a good way.

Do it in the shower before washing. Then it becomes part of your routine with the added benefit that the excess skin simply gets washed out with your wash.

If not, then do any other time! Any time is better than not at all.

Squirt some oil onto the brush before your skin brushing. Detox contains essential oils to both stimulate your circulation and help with the lymphatic system.

Once a day is enough but you are welcome to do an additional brush. Late in the evening can be a bit too stimulating though.

Enjoy any time of the year. Starting now to prepare for spring is an excellent time to start.