Who let the monkey at the wine?

Posted by Sinead Duffy on

Who let the monkey at the wine?

"I was pretty delighted to be on Daytime Television's Elaine Show on Thursday to talk about tips on establishing a meditative practice. It's great to see how mainstream meditation has become.

Elaine asked me "what do you think is the biggest block people have with meditation" Good question. I think the biggest block is that nagging feeling that 'I'm not very good at it'...


...the belief that it's easier for other people - people who don't have so many thoughts whirring about their mind. And the mind is not drawn to activities it thinks it's bad at.

One of my favourite descriptions of the mind is by Swami Vivekananda. He said the mind is like...

- a monkey (already a busy and jumpy creature)

- that has drunk a bottle of wine (more frenetic energy added)

- and then been stung by a scorpion (that's some high-grade stimulation)


This description always makes me think of Leslie Nielsen in The Naked Gun - as he gets into an ever-more farcical state of being. And that's what we all sit down with every time we meditate - Crazy jumpy minds.

But if you think of meditation as like massaging a big knot you find in your muscles. It's really no different. 

A load of wrangled energy that can be soothed and massaged with just some attendance. So if you are labouring under the belief that you're not a 'natural meditator' or that others find it easier - please ditch that limiting belief sharpish.

The truth is even the Dalai Lama has a busy mind...it just goes with having a mind. All that meditation is, is attendance.

So if you show up, you're AMAZING at meditation. Try telling yourself that for a while - because it makes showing up much easier!" - Sinead Duffy, Founder of Yogandha

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