The Bear

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The Bear

While undertaking her Panchakarma, Yogandha founder Sinéad Duffy heard a wonderful story that just had to be shared...

A Buddhist monk sees a bear, sitting on a park bench, crying. The Buddhist goes over to the park bench and asks the bear why is he crying. The bear answers "because I'm sitting on a nail".

So, the monk says, 'well why don't you get off the nail?'

The bear answers, "because it doesn't hurt enough yet."

Food for thought indeed. 

We're all the bear at some point in life - we hear our bodies complaining but just will not listen until we can't ignore it anymore. And when we treat early, it's easy to have an effect with yoga, meditation, self-massage, our wonderful wellbeing oils, and your own intuitive self-healing techniques.

But when we leave till late, we feel we've no options left but medicine that can be effective, but none of the side-effects are good. In your early options, all of the side-effects are good. So many of us are that bear - or live with one! 

As we're re-entering a time when we're corralled onto our own park benches, lets bring our consciousness to the nails that we (and our loved ones) are sitting on. It's an enforced time for looking inward - and that's an opportunity (yes, another one!)


To build wellbeing and self-care into your daily routine, our wellness oils are a wonderful place to start. Here are a few ideas:

Yogandha Relax: Ideal for those who need to switch off and take some time to bring calmness and stillness into their routine. Yogandha Relax can be used as a bath and body oil and if especially beneficial used at night time to aid a deep, restful night's sleep.

Yogandha Detox: With ingredients that work internally to help detox the liver, Yogandha Detox is fabulous to use in the shower each morning. With it's zesty lemongrass scent, it's a fantastic way to start your day.

Yogandha Muscle Soothe: Help ease tired muscles with this warming oil. Self-massage is proven to reduce stress and tensions and is a wonderful tool for self-connection and to reduce anxiety.