Teach deeper self-connection with yogic self-massage - Abhyanga

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All possibility of connection with others - is based on the level of connection we have with ourselves. Also - the success of our work as a yoga teacher is largely based on the level of self-connection that our students have... and this is not easy to have...nor easy to teach...

But there is a very effective ways to deepen our self-connection - and that's yogic self-massage - Abhyanga. The practice has always been a part of Hatha Yoga. Not only does it foster a deeper self-connection - but it helps to bring the body closer to what ayurveda sees as our natural state -  complete balance.

Although it can be done within a few minutes – as with all Yoga practices, the benefits are deep and many (ie GREAT return on your time investment!).  It's generally considered best performed after asana, but some like to do it before to warm up the body for practice (or for teaching).

I like to incorporate little bits into my classes - eg in bound angle pose, we'll massage the feet, in twist, we'll massage the kidney that students are twisting away from. Its subtle and gentle - but also gets students knowing where these internal vital organs are - to connect with them more deeply. And really important for me is it gets students re-owning their hands as essential self-care tools.

You can use any oil for Yogic Self-Massage - its nice to use a 100% natural oil that's in tune with your body's needs.  I recommend getting our set of body oils (its a lovely practice to choose intuitively which to use each time - your body will tell you!)

If send me a message on info@yogandha.com, I'll send you a PDF of the Yogic Self-Massage I do - print it out and give it a try!

And if this is interesting for you - please jump into our Aromatherpy for Yoga group and let us know how you get on!

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