Say Goodbye to bloating - strengthen your Digestive Fire!

Posted by Sinead Duffy on

Say Goodbye to bloating - strengthen your Digestive Fire!
We are all probably aware the state of our digestion both impacts on and is reflective of, our state of mind. According to Ayurveda, the medicinal arm of yoga the quality of our digestion and the imbalances that can lead to digestive issues, are determined by our digestive Fire – or Agni.
Ayurveda puts the mind-body connection at the centre of wellness and holds that the state of this Agni will determine the state of our bodily tissues In fact impaired Agni is viewed as the root of every imbalance.
While Agni actually refers to the fire that digests all we take in – food, sensory stimulation, emotional triggers, the most obvious place to start is with what you eat – though what you put on your skin and into your mind are also key.
For eating - you can strengthen your digestive fire by:
    • Walking before/after a meal (try both and be mindful – which worked better for a happy tummy?)
    • Avoid over-eating. Leave a third of your tummy empty to facilitate digestion.
    • Eat your main meal at lunchtime - when your digestive fire is naturally at its peak.
    • Keep your stress under control as this is the great digestive inhibitor.
    • Avoid any stimulation (TV or laptop) during meals.
    • Eat slowly – chew 30 times if you can!
    • Rub Muscle Soothe on your tummy before and after meals - again - try both and see which works best! Muscle Soothe is full of ginger - which is known in Ayurveda as a cure all and it will ignite the digestive fires and aid both digestion and absorption.

    Have you changed your eating habits and seen a result? We'd love to hear.