6 rituals what will help you to sleep

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6 rituals what will help you to sleep

How's your sleep?

Lockdown has - through general anxiety, feelings of loss of control and epic levels of screen - watching - messed with many people's sleeping. I believe that ritual can have a massive role re-calibrating sleep patterns. Because sleep is all about the state of the subconscious mind. 

And the subconscious mind is like Pavlov's dogs when it comes to rituals, totally suggestible.  

So bring on those bells!

We also know this instinctively when we're trying to teach a baby to sleep. We have a whole bedtime ritual for baby, each part of which reinforces the message...it's that time....

Our subconscious mind is open to receiving the same level of conditioning - so try pulling together your own ritual - and repeat every night without fail until your sleep is back on an even keel.

1. Light a candle

Fire stimulates our primal mind and helps to quieten the thinking mind - so just this simple act alone will get the melatonin (the drowzifyer) going


2. Bathtime

If you can swing a bath at night - that would be ideal. It's a very powerful ritual - total immersion in warm water - and if you can repeat regularly, just getting into the bath will trigger you to start anticipating the Z's.

If you can't manage a bath for whatever reason - a shower is about 80% as good.

And I guess because of the concentrated energy points - I'd put a foot bath a higher 90%...

In all cases - apply Yogandha Relax liberally

3. Journal

True, you can journal at any time - but when it's dark and the earth feels still, it is like it's creating the space for you to move inward. Getting those thoughts down on paper frees your mind from trying to process them when you'd rather be nodding off.

4. Herbal tea.

Make two cups of chamomile - one for you and one for partner/friend/cat... Then when cooled, put the tea bags over your eyes. Bliss :)

5. Foot massage

I have lots of customers tell me that they rub Yogandha Relax on various parts every night without fail - many do a face massage - many do a foot massage - your choice, but a foot massage is known to deeply relax the whole body. When you associate the smell with the action with the intention to sleep - you're on the way...

6. Greet the moon

Why not connect with the cooling energy of the moon? Everybody knows sun salutations, but there's moon salutations too (in early product formulation I was working on a Moon Salutation Blend - a cooling and sleepy roll-on.....but it grew up to become Yogandha Relax.

However you'd like to greet the moon - acknowledge it and our beautifully intimate relationship to it - this helps to align yourself with her energy to help you get to sleep.

But what about if you go to sleep easily - but wake up at crazy o'clock? Find out on the next blog!